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A Guide to the Different Types of Business Signs

Your Guide to the Types of Business Signs

Business signs have the potential to be the ultimate marketing and advertising tool for your business—no matter what industry you’re in. When properly designed, constructed, and displayed, business signs can help you accomplish a significant number of goals. These goals can include—but are not limited to—increasing your brand exposure, increasing your profits, and communicating with your customers.

Before you can start reaping the benefits of business signs, you’ll need to decide on the right type of signage. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sign, a plastic sign or a digital one, the right sign can make all the difference on how your business is seen by the public. Learn more about each type of business sign and how it can help you achieve your specific goals below.  

Outdoor Business Signs

The most common type of business sign is the outdoor sign in front of your establishment. Whether it’s on the side of your building, your roof, or at the end of the parking lot, an outdoor sign lets passersby know what your business is and who you are as a brand. Outdoor business signs are ideal for capturing the attention of new consumers and inviting them to check out your business. Outdoor signs provide you with 24/7 advertising, as anyone walking or driving by your business won’t be able to miss your sign.

Indoor Business Signs

Indoor business signs can be just as effective as outdoor signs at helping you achieve your goals. However, they typically help support goals involving consumers who have already decided to check out your store. Most often, business owners use indoor signs to draw attention to specials, new products, or specific areas within the store. When placed in a window, indoor signs can help increase impulse traffic as well!

Plastic Lighted Signs

Plastic lighted signs can be used indoors or outdoors, as they are available in a number of different sizes to help meet your needs. When choosing this type of sign, you’ll design (or hire someone to design) a sign face featuring the image and/or text of your choosing. This design should tell the public who you are and what you do. Consider adding your logo, business name, and/or slogan to the sign for the biggest impact.

Digital Electronic Signs

Digital electronic signs can also be used indoors or outdoors. These signs can be changed and programmed whenever you like to help you reach your customers. By using text, graphics, or animations, you can advertise specials, promote new products, or just send nice messages to your community.

Combination Business Signs

Each type of sign can be extremely effective on its own, but if you want to guarantee an even bigger impact, you can try combining two or more types of signs. Whether you choose an indoor and an outdoor sign or a plastic and a digital sign, any combination of different signs can help you increase your business on a daily basis.


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