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Where Should You Display Your Business Signs?

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Business Signs

So you’ve designed the perfect sign for your business, and you’re visualizing the finished product right now. Before you can put your sign up and start reaping the benefits of effortless advertising, you’ll have to decide where to place your sign.

If you aren’t sure which will work best for your sign and business goals, your sign representative can help you choose the ideal spot. The first decision you’ll have to make is whether to place your sign indoors or outdoors.

Each location can help you achieve a different business goal when displayed. To help you decide which one will be best for you, here are some ideas for both indoor and outdoor mounting options.

Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are most effective at helping you catch the attention of consumers who are already near or inside of your establishment. While indoor signs can be used for displaying your business name, slogan, hours, and other useful information, one of the most effective uses is to promote sales, specials, or new products/services. Doing so can help you close the deal for any consumers who may need a little extra push.

Mounting Options for Indoor Signs

Your specific mounting options will depend on your business structure and size, but the two most basic options are as follows:

  • In a Window Display
  • On a Wall Inside Your Business

Prominent window signs can help you grab the attention of consumers who are walking or driving past your business, while signs inside your building can help you promote a specific item or service. Both are great for increasing impulse buys among your customers!

Outdoor Signs

While indoor signs are useful for communicating information to consumers nearby, outdoor signs are best for drawing consumers from afar toward your business. Both plastic lighted and LED signs can help you make a huge visual impact. Plastic lighted signs let you tell your community who you are and what you do, while LED signs let you stand out from the other signage nearby.

Mounting Options for Outdoor Signs

When compared to indoor signs, you have many more options for where to place your signage. For example, you can mount a sign on the side of your building, on your roof, right in front of your building, at the end of the parking lot, or down the road.

Basic mounting options include:

  • Wall Mount
  • Roof Mount
  • Pole Mount
  • Between Two Poles

The right placement for your business will depend on the size of your building, whether you’re in a shopping center or standing alone, how much traffic passes by your business (foot or car traffic), and whether you plan to keep any existing signage. For example, if you’re located on a two-lane road in a small shopping center, a wall- or roof-mounted sign may be most effective for you. On the other hand, if you’re in the back of a larger complex along a highway, you could benefit from a larger, pole-mounted sign closer to the road.

Custom Business Signs for Any Industry

Business signs have the power to drastically increase your business and profits, as long as they’re designed well, constructed properly, and placed in the right spot on your property. Our sign representatives can help you choose the right type of sign, design your sign face, and decide where to display your sign for the biggest impact.

Contact us to get a quote or to learn more about the sign-making process. Learn more about the different types of signs and how they’re effective below.


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