Female Shoppers Looking At Indoor Business Sign

Great Places for Your Indoor Sign

Sometimes Signs are Inside, Too!

As a business owner or operator, you’ve noticed that signs for a business can be in a variety of places, and serve a variety of purposes. The only limits are in your imagination! From the loud and colorful to the subtle and sought-after, your indoor sign is just as important as your outdoor sign because they serve entirely different purposes. While outdoor signs let the neighborhood know that your business is there, indoor signs provide specifics, some of which your customers may not have thought to ask.

Menus Behind the Register

This will be an obvious move for restaurant owners, but not all. The list of benefits of having your full menu on the wall behind the register is a long one, including the opportunity to make every letter of every item as large as you want. Making huge letters and words on your wall menus enables people waiting in line to have a good idea of what they want, cutting down on ordering time, and making for a more efficient business, and better customer experience. Having a paper copy of a menu is also great, but page-flipping will always come second to being able to scan everything in a few seconds.

Sign Behind the Cash Wrap

Don’t let that new shipment of craftsman jewelry go unnoticed: sometimes in retail, you have to make a statement to get your product noticed. Adding a sign behind the cash wrap lessens the chance that customers will miss out on all of the great things that you have to offer, including rewards programs and discounts. Customers want every opportunity to get the most bang for their buck, but don’t like listening to lectures, either. Make the best of this opportunity by placing a sign in an easy-to-see and strategic location.

Seasonal Sign Beside the Vending Machine

Whether it’s a limited supply of yellow mango at the mini market, or a single-shipment of bavarian cream puffs, customers won’t know what you’re offering unless you tell them. Using a sign to advertise a high-demand or limited edition item item is the quickest and smartest way to move products and create demand for temporary services.

Reminders in Break Rooms

Reiterate to your employees the importance of making sure that food and drink is taken out of your break room, or that certain medications cannot be discarded in the nearby trash. Putting signs in your break room is an effective and mature way of ensuring that rules are followed everyday. With the break room rules staring at your employees everyday as they enter and leave, it will discourage and deter problems from occurring, and make your workplace more peaceful and productive.

Guide Your Customers to Your Front Door

If you share a building with other local businesses or branches of larger corporations, you will need something to set your office apart. Even when customers come looking for you, you don’t want to make it difficult for your customers to find your business.  Going with an outdoor sign when you’re sharing a building goes without saying, but once someone pulls into your parking lot, or once someone enters the building, it is your responsibility to make sure that your business is as visible as possible.

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