5-17 Woman Ordering Custom Sign for Her Local Business

A Guide To Ordering Custom Signs

What to Expect When Purchasing Custom Signs

Custom signs are the ideal way for businesses to promote their business to local consumers. Using outdoor signs for advertising is extremely effective for increasing the amount of people that visit your location. On the other hand, indoor signs can boost impulse purchases and sales. No matter what industry you work in, your business can benefit from an attention-grabbing, custom sign.

If you’ve never ordered a custom sign, or it’s been a few years since you last went through the process, there a few things you want to know to make a wise investment for your company. Use this step-by-step guide to gain a better understanding of the process of ordering a custom sign.

1. Find the Right Sign Company for Your Needs

The first step in the process of purchasing a custom sign is to find a reliable and high-quality sign company to work with. You want to find a company that has been established for a few years. Their experience in the industry will assure you that you get the best quality sign at a competitive price. Also ask to see their past work so you can get a feel for what they offer. Lastly, read testimonials to make sure they have an ample amount of satisfied customers.

2. Think About Your Marketing Strategy and Company Goals

Before you start choosing features and design your custom sign, you first want to think through your advertising needs and what goals you have for your company, keeping both present goals and future goals in mind. Think about why you’re in need of a sign. Do you want to increase the amount of people coming to your location or do you want to increase the amount of money consumers spend when shopping? These goals would determine if you’re in need of indoor signs or outdoor signs. You also want to consider what you want to display on your sign. Do you currently have photos or videos that you could showcase on your sign? Really try to hone in on specific marketing strategies and goals that you’d like to accomplish. The team of sign professionals will then make sure your custom signs will enhance your ability to achieve your goals.

3. Discuss the Various Options for Your Custom Signs

Once you’ve provided the sign company with more information about your goals, they can help you decide if you need indoor, outdoor, or both types of signs. They will also help you choose between plastic or digital signs. Each of these options will help your business achieve different goals in effective ways. You can also combine the two types of signs to make the most out of your custom sign.

4. Design Your Sign Face or Digital Display

Now that you’ve finalized all the technical aspects, you can start the design process. A sign designer can help you conceptualize your design and strengthen the visual appeal of your branding. An expert with years of knowledge will be able to help you choose the right graphics, fonts, texts, and colors to make an impression on consumers.

5. Have Your Sign Sent to be Constructed

Once you are fully satisfied with the design and the type of sign you’ve chosen, the sign company will send it to a manufacturing company to be constructed and tailored to your specifications. A reputable sign company should use high-quality materials and processes to guarantee that your sign will look impeccable for years to come.

6. Receive and Install Your Sign and Watch Business Boom!

Your custom sign will be shipped to you so you can start using it immediately. If you have a larger sign, the sign company will assist you in the installation process. Once your custom sign is displayed in the optimal location, you can sit back and watch it drive more traffic to your business.


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