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A Guide to the Process of Making Custom Signs

How are custom signs made?

As far as marketing and advertising tools go, custom signs are among the most effective. This is because, when compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, custom signs only require a one-time cost and very little time commitment. And the best part is that no matter what industry you’re in, where in the country you’re located, and how big or small your business is, you can benefit from custom signs.

If you’re considering investing in new custom signs for your business, here’s a step-by-step guide on the sign-making process to help you get started.

1. You’ll realize the need to upgrade your business’s signage.

As is the first step to any type of process, the first thing you’ll need to do is realize that you have a need for new business signage. This could be because your current signs are falling apart and wearing down, you’re the new owner of a business, your current sign is too small and unnoticeable, or you’ve recently rebranded.

2. You’ll analyze your business’s marketing and advertising goals.

Custom signs are, first and foremost, marketing and advertising tools. In order to be used as effectively as possible, you’ll want to define your business’s marketing and advertising goals before moving forward. Do you want to attract the attention of more consumers in your community, advertise specials and promotions, or guide consumers to a specific product or service?

3. You’ll research and choose a sign company to work with.

With your goals in mind for a new sign, you’ll want to start researching sign companies in your area. Look for companies that are established, can provide you with case studies and testimonials, and whose work is high quality.

4. You’ll learn about your options for different signs.

There are so many different options for custom signs, and each one can help you achieve a specific business goal. Your options may include plastic signs, digital electronic signs, indoor signs, and outdoor signs. Your chosen sign company can help you choose the right sign for your business location that will help you best achieve your marketing and advertising goals.

5. You’ll develop a design for your custom signs.

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make during the sign-making process is what you’re going to display on your sign. With plastic lighted signs, you’ll want to choose one design to represent your business as accurately as possible, in the most eye-catching way. If you need assistance coming up with an idea or bringing your vision to life, your sign designer can help you! With digital signs, you’ll have the option to change up your display at any time, so you don’t have to make a commitment just yet.

6. Your sign will be sent off to a manufacturing facility and constructed.

Once you’ve designed and approved your sign, it will be sent off to the manufacturing facility to be constructed based on your specifications. Your sign company should use high-quality materials and lighting and efficient process to create the longest-lasting and visually-striking final product.

7. You’ll install your sign and let it go to work for you!

Once your sign is made, you’ll get to install it in a prominent and strategic place to help you best achieve your predetermined business goals. Then, you’ll just get to sit back and watch as your sign goes to work for you!


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