Image IS everything to the small business.

I love taking a walk through our factory and seeing the many diverse signs that are being created.  They are as diverse as the type of small businesses across America and the personalities of their owners .  I love to see what they’ve built for their business and the branding and image they’ve create for it.  Unfortunately, there are many small businesses in every small town to big city that just has a boring, plain sign in front of their business.  What does that say about their image and branding?

The sign design process starts with our sales representatives discussing the options with our customers.  They are taught what we call the “science of signage”.  A good design call make all the difference between a potential customer driving right by a location or noticing the sign and stopping to visit the business.  Our sales representatives understand this and make sure to educate our customers.

Once the sign design is approved it is delivered to our factory where our expert designers take the design concepts that our sales representatives put together, and they make the design look spectacular.  The ability of our design department is simply amazing.  They take (most of the time) rough designs from our customers and update them into beautiful and eye-catching designs that ultimately go on to sign faces.

Business signs, or branding signs, need to be appealing and display the true brand and image of the business.  What people see on the OUTSIDE of a business will almost always translate to what they believe the INSIDE of the business will look like.  If you don’t project your best image on the outside – most times people won’t stop by or give you a second glance.

So, image IS everything when it comes to small business signage and branding.  Be sure to really shine when it comes to your storefront image and marketing.  Your sign is the first and most important step to doing so.

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