Business Signs and the Importance of Consistent Branding

Why Consistent Branding is So Important for Your Business

What exactly does it mean to have consistent branding? Consistent branding (or brand consistency) means that you’re presenting one clear image to the public as the representation of your business. A business with consistent branding should have a clear message, a logo, a color scheme, and an identity—which should all be weaved into every part of their marketing and advertising efforts.

For example, a restaurant that has consistent branding would have the same logo on their menus, their business signs, their business cards, and their website. If they were a family-friendly establishment, that message would be clear through the imagery and language used throughout their dining room, signage, menus, and more.

Most importantly, consistent branding helps you do three things above all: increase recognition, establish your brand identity, and stand out from your competition. Learn more about the importance of brand consistency below.

1. Establishes Your Brand Persona or Identity

One of the most important things to do as a business (of any kind) is to tell the world who you are. If you’ve consistently branded your company, your consumers will be able to tell exactly who you are, what you have to offer, and why they should give you their business. Your customers won’t have to guess whether you’ll be able to meet their needs because you’ll have already made that very clear from the start.

2. Helps You Increase Recognition and Credibility Among Consumers

Big brands like Starbucks and Target perform so well because they are instantly recognizable. When you see the siren or the red bullseye on something, you already know you can trust and love what’s being offered. And that is the result of successful and consistent branding.

Over the years, brands like these have displayed one consistent image to the public—allowing them to be instantly recognizable and earn the trust of millions of people across the country (and even the world). Regardless of where you’re at now, you have the potential to earn this recognition and credibility through consistent branding.

3. Lets You Stand Out From Your Competition

Consistent branding allows you to stand out from the other businesses in your industry and community in the best way possible. You’ve established who you are, you’ve become recognizable, and you’ve been able to do something that no one else has done. Whether it’s your product or service, your slogan, your logo, or something else—branding will help you appeal to the public in a unique way.

Branding and Your Business Signs

One of the best things you can do for your business is to brand your business and make sure it’s consistent across all of your efforts. Custom indoor signs and outdoor signs can help you show the passing public exactly who you are as a brand. Learn more about the different types of business signs and how they can benefit your brand below. Contact us when you’re ready to get a quote on new custom signs for your business.


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