6-1 Business Signs With Gears and Numbers

The Importance of Cohesive Business Signs and Branding

Why Your Business Signs Need to Match Your Branding

One of the most important aspects of any business is brand recognition. If you look at any successful large or small company, you will notice that they have images, color, and text that are consistent throughout their entire brand. Whether it’s a business sign, email, flyer, packaging, or even the look and feel of the business overall, the key to making potential consumers recognize your brand is consistency.

To get a better understanding of this, think about Target. They have a red target logo, with their business name written in red. Their entire store is lined with that same red coloring, logo, and text. Their website and social media also showcase that signature red color and logo. Even their price tags and receipts match.

This consistency across their consumer experience allows them to build brand awareness and stand out among competitors. There is no confusion among consumers on what their logo, slogan, or overall feel of their store is. Find out why this is so important to improving your business.

1. Your Business Signs Are Your First Impression

Before knowing what your products or services are, your customers will develop an opinion of your brand from your business signs. You want your outdoor sign to reflect the quality of your establishment. Using a well-lit sign that has a visual graphic or image will deliver your message  to potential customers and will guide them to form a positive opinion of your business. They will then either stop in or share your business with a friend who is need of your products and services. Your signage is likely what consumers will associate your brand with, so be wise when choosing color, text, and visual components .

2. Your Business Will Be Easier to Recall

Inconsistent logos, business names, colors, and slogans throughout an establishment is confusing the customer. They are unsure of what branding material represents the business.

For example, a restaurant may run into this problem. If the owners decide to change the color of the walls or the upholstery on the booth, it starts to transform the entire look and feel of the business. Then, they might also choose to update the menu and indoor signs, and choose to use new text, graphics, and colors. New photos and logos might be updated on social media pages as well.

If all of these things and the business sign aren’t cohesive, that can cause a negative impact on your business. Customers will be uncertain what message your business is trying to convey. However, when all of these things are consistent across the board, customers will be able to better recall your business because your logo, slogan, colors, and business name will be reinforced during their time spent at your business.

3. Your Business Will Convey Authority and Professionalism

Even the seemingly small things can make all the difference between a potential customer choosing your business or a competitor’s. Having consistent, clean, and well-designed branding that is apparent throughout your signage, establishment, and marketing materials shows consumers that you care about your business and are putting the time and effort into making your business as professional as possible. This will allow your business to stand out from your competitors and prove why your business is the better choice.

Upgrade your outdated signs today to make sure you’re sending the right message to your potential customers!


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