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Why Real Estate Agencies Need Custom Signs

Why You Should Invest in Custom Signs for Your Real Estate Business

All types of businesses in any industry can reap the benefits of the marketing and advertising custom signs provide. Real estate agents should consider the advantages of using a custom sign or two at their location. No matter who your clientele is, as a real estate agent, you want to convey quality and design. Using a custom sign will help ensure that potential clients associate your business with those characteristics. Your advertising is a reflection of your products and services, so in order to best represent your business, you need to have state-of-the-art advertising.

Real estate agencies can make use of outdoor signs as well as indoor signs for their business. Here are a few ideas for how to use each type of sign to your advantage.

Plastic Lighted Custom Signs

A plastic lighted sign is made from high-quality materials, which will last for many years. They display a single design, which is ideal for displaying a logo, company name, and relevant text like a slogan or phone number. A well-designed custom sign, can help drivers passing by identify your business and location. If you’re in a strip mall or a office located on a street frequently walked, you can display this type of sign in your window to grab attention.

Digital Electronic Custom Signs

Unlike plastic lighted signs, digital electronic signs are ever-changing and have the capability to display anything from a single-colored text to high-definition video. There are several advantages to this type of sign for a real estate business.

The first is that you can use a monochrome LED sign, which features a single color of text, to promote a specific listing, such as a two-bedroom home with a specific price and location. This single listing can capture the attention of potential homeowners. You can also promote more general services you offer, such as apartments, condos, homes, or vacation homes on different days to appeal to a larger audience. You can also advertise open houses, which will encourage more people to make an unplanned stop at the home, apartment, or condo.

If your real estate agency chooses a more sophisticated sign, such as a full-color electronic LED sign, which has video capabilities, your ability to attract more potential homeowners expands. You can set up a display outdoors or opt for an indoor sign. Either way, you will be able to display videos or photos of current listings, which will make a lasting impact on homeowners. In a world where everything is visual, a custom sign will allow you to capture the attention of future buyers quickly and effectively.

Order A Custom Sign Today

If you’re ready to upgrade your local marketing and advertising strategy and expand your reach, we can help you find the right sign for your business. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor sign for your business, we will help design your plastic lighted or LED signs. Our custom signs will wow your potential clients and attract new business.


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