How to Determine if Your Small Muffin Business needs Indoor or Outdoor Signs

Outdoor or Indoor Signs: Which Does Your Business Need?

Is Your Business In More Need of Outdoor or Indoor Signs?

Signs can greatly improve the success of your business. When your business is in need of signage, there are two main types you have to consider: outdoor signs and indoor signs.  At first, it may not seem like that weighty of a decision, however these types of signs will work in different ways for your business.

In order to make an educated purchase, you need to understand how indoor or outdoor signs will work for your business. You may be surprised to learn that one makes more sense for your establishment and goals than the other.

The Purpose of Outdoor Signs

If your business is in need of getting more customers through the door, you should invest in outdoor signs. The main purpose of outdoor signs is to attract potential customers. They do this is a few ways.

How Outdoor Signs Attract Customers

  1. A brightly lit plastic or LED sign will ensure passersby don’t overlook your establishment as they walk or drive by. Many of our clients say they’ve been in busy for many years, but when they install a new sign, people come in and ask how long they’ve been open. The proper signage lets customers know that your business is there.
  2. A lack of or poor signage, such as worn or outdated signs, can deter customers from entering your location. Outdoor signs allow you to create a positive image in your community. A well-designed sign shows that you care about your business and its appearance.
  3. Customers believe a business sign represents the products and services within that business. If your current signage is worn down, broken, or vandalized, you are inadvertently associating the poor quality of your sign with the quality of your offerings.
  4. Outdoor signs are also useful for making your business stand out amongst your neighbors. If your street is packed with signs, you’ll want to invest in an outdoor digital sign that makes a customer’s eye go directly to your advertisement.
  5. Using LED signs will allow you to promote various specials, featured products, or events, causing people to make impulse stops at your business.

If you’re looking to gain more customers on a daily basis, outdoor signs are the best option.

The Purpose of Indoor Signs

There are two purposes of indoor signs. The first is to attract customers on food with window displays. The second is to increase impulse purchases. If your business has a substantial amount of customers on a daily basis, you may be more focused on getting them to spend more.

How Indoor Signs Increase Revenue

  1. If your business is located on a street with heavy foot traffic, window displays with signs will encourage customers to make an unplanned stop into your store.
  2. A flashy digital sign can be placed at a point of purchase to highlight new products or sale products, encouraging customers to purchase that. This can work in retail stores, restaurants, or other businesses. A store may use it to promote a product, a restaurant may showcase the special menu item of the night, and a veterinary might highlight products that enhance a pet’s health.
  3. Similarly to product-based signage, you can also use LED signs to upsell your services. A auto shop may encourage people to get the deluxe oil change rather than the standard. A vetinary may remind pet owners to get their animals vaccinated. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Digital signs throughout stores encourage people to spend more time browsing. The longer they spend in your establishment, the more likely they are to spend money.

If your business has regular customers and would like to increase sales, indoor signs are the best option.


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