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Find the Ideal Place to Display Your Business Signs

How to Choose Where to Place Your Business Signs

Displaying your business signs in the ideal location can largely influence the success of your business. Where you place your signs is usually determined by the location of your business and/or what you’d like the sign to do for your business. Based on your business goals, you’ll first have to choose between outdoor and indoor signage. Outdoor signs are best for bringing more customers into your business. On the other hand, indoor signs are better at encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. After making that decision, you’ll have to select either a digital or plastic-lighted sign. Once you’ve decided what type of sign to purchase, follow these guidelines for perfectly placing it.

Strategies for Placing Outdoor Business Signs

Where to hang your business signs may seem obvious, but you need to take many factors into consideration. When you’re purchasing an outdoor sign, you need to think ask yourself the following questions: Is my business on a busy street? Am I allowed to display a sign on a pole in my area? Do most customers pass by on foot or in a car? Those are the most influential aspects you need to know when placing your sign.

If your business is located on a street with a lot of other businesses, you’ll want your signage to stand out. A plastic-lighted sign combined with an LED sign displayed on a pole will make sure passersby notice your sign and not someone else’s. This is also the ideal option to ensure your sign is seen in the day and in the evening.

If your establishment is on a popular walking street, you will likely want your business signs on the front wall of your business. You may even have the sign angled so it is perpendicular to the wall, allowing walkers to see your business sign as they approach.

Strategies for Placing Indoor Business Signs

Indoor signs are often displayed in a window front, attracting customers on foot. They may notice a LED sign, promoting a sale of the day, which encourages them to enter. A beautiful plastic-lighted sign will showcase your business in the best light. Either a plastic or LED sign can be seen at night, allowing your business to be seen at all hours.

Although indoor signs can be displayed in storefront windows to attract customers on foot, they’ll be most successful when used throughout the store. Place LED signs near products you’d like to promote, such as new arrivals or sale items. This encourages consumers to browse more. Businesses that are service based, such as restaurants or auto-shops can take a similar approach. Display digital signage where customers place their order to highlight more expensive services or upgrades. Doing so will encourage them to spend more.

No matter what type of business signs you invest in, you’ll notice an improvement. Choose whichever signs you think will best enhance your overall goals, and make sure to place them so that they’re seen by your potential and returning customers.


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