Why Restaurants Need Custom Signs

Why You Should Invest in Custom Signs for Your Restaurant

How does your restaurant display itself to your community? All types of restaurants—from fast food joints, to diners, to sports bars—can benefit from having custom signs inside or outside their establishments. Custom signs can do wonders for brand new restaurants and those that have been established for decades, alike.

Both custom indoor signs and outdoor signs can help you present your business in its best light, attract more new customers, advertise and promote specials, and so much more. You’ll be able to keep existing customers coming back for more and increase your business altogether. Keep reading to find out why you should invest in custom signs for your restaurant.

Custom signs let you display consistent branding to the public.

The most successful restaurants (and brands, in general) are those that clearly define who they are and display a consistent front to the public. Once you determine who you are as a business, make sure that all of your marketing materials accurately represent exactly that. This means that your logo, menus, and sign should all match. And because your sign is the first thing consumers will see, it’s the first chance you have to brand yourself. This brings us to the next point…

You’ll attract new customers with eye-catching custom signs.

Your sign is the first chance you have to show new customers who you are as a brand. From the moment consumers see your sign, you’ll be associated with your image, so it’s up to you to make sure that association is positive. One of the ways to do this is to make sure your sign is eye catching and memorable. Make sure your consumers know what type of restaurant you are right away. Choosing the right colors, imagery, and any additional text besides your name can help you do just that.

Digital signage lets you advertise new specials and promotions.

While one of the purposes of a sign is to attract new customers and increase your business, you can’t forget about your existing customers either. Some loyal customers are going to keep coming back for more, regardless. Others, however, may need a little more of an incentive. Through window or outdoor signage, you can advertise specials and promotions to the passing public to increase the amount of business walking through your doors. Whether it’s a happy hour special, a new food item, or something unique to you, your signage can help you spread the word.

If you offer a lesser-known service, like catering, you can easily promote it.

Maybe your restaurant offers catering services. Maybe you have a night of the week where you offer dollar burgers with the purchase of a drink. Maybe you love giving back to the community through fundraising nights, but no one ever takes advantage of them. If you have some type of lesser-known service that you want the public to know about, a custom sign can help you share the news with the world!


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