Signtronix Tribal Pow Wow is Here!

The Signtronix “Gathering of Tribes” contest has been completed and the Signtronix family gets to meet in grand style!  Here are the details:

Gathering of Tribes

Tribal Pow Wow Gathering

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 – 6:00 pm

Tribal Pow Wow

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Continental Breakfast

8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Lunch Included

The Milwaukee area was originally inhabited by the Fox, Mascouten, Potawatomi, and Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) native American tribes. The name “Milwaukee” comes from an Algonquian word Millioke, meaning “Good”, “Beautiful” and “Pleasant Land” or “Gathering Place by the Water”.

French missionaries and traders first passed through the area in the late 17th and 18th centuries. French explorer, Robert La Salle was most likely the first white man to visit Milwaukee.

Signtronix will gather our own Tribes along the water at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We’ll explore along the way and be ready to settle in for a F.U.N. filled Pow Wow with lots of activity, knowledge and good times! Don’t miss this opportunity to share with your fellow dealers!


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