What Inspires You in Your Career or Life?

Our world is spinning so fast some days that we don’t, or can’t, stop to isolate the remarkable people, places and things around us. Amidst the chaos and pressures of reality, we have developed roots from many different sources. These roots nourish our knowledge, our talents and even our success giving us the most brilliant of gifts… inspiration. Finding and recognizing these distinct influences truly allows us to be inspired.

A Goal is simply the destination, but inspiration is the rocket fuel that sends us on our way. What inspires you? Who inspires you?

St. Louis Road Warrior DM Greg Haney said, “First, my wife is my biggest inspiration. She always has my back and says go get ‘em every day. She takes the time to make sure I’m out in the field having fun. She is my best motivation. Why on earth would I disappoint her? Next, it is our customers and how excited they get about their new signs. We really do help them.”

Divisional Manager Vernie Boren said it simply, “What inspires me is helping people GROW. Who inspires me is any person with above average work habits. And finally, why does that inspire me? Because as Conrad Escalante said, “What we do is LUCRATIVE & FUN and if it isn’t, we’re doing something wrong.”

Alabama “A” Team Ron Gither said, “I am inspired by the reputation and success of Managers like Lance Pelton and Buddy Swisshelm. I’m inspired by Vernie Boren from his mentorship, motivation and friendship. Lance and Buddy are always at the top because they are always at their best. Both of them have shared their time and wisdom with me and that is invaluable. Vernie has been a father figure and best friend. I know he cares. He is determined to help make this company as big as it possibly can be. He believes in Signtronix and he believes in me.”

Carolina Panthers RM Paul Shawley recently wrote a letter to Signtronix founder Kozell Boren. An excerpt reads, “Through your examples, you have inspired me to do better. Your leadership and the tools you have given all of us have helped us to improve our circumstances. You have enriched our lives by giving us a career that allows us to spend time with our families and friends from all across America. We have no restrictions on where we work in the states. You have provided us with samples, a presentation and awesome factory support. As long as we have the desire to work and make money for our families and improve our lives, there is no limit on what we can accomplish. You have given us awesome trips around the world at five-star hotels in places we would not have been to, if not for you. Tommy Boren has

taken the reins. Like you, he is a great leader. We are thankful to him and all the people at the factory that help us out in the field.”

These words from Paul pinpoint real inspiration in his life. Over the years, Kozell Boren has provided inspiration for many through Signtronix. The opportunities are endless and the people involved in Signtronix are an inspiration in and of themselves.

When you stepped into your career at Signtronix, you became part of a bigger picture, a family and a culture like no other. The inspiration available through these people and products can change lives.

For a moment, think of one person by whom you are inspired. Now ask yourself this, “Are you that person for someone else?” Are you working hard to inspire by your work ethics, your example of persistence, your thirst for knowledge or perhaps your kindness, keen knowledge of the business or your killer sales skills? As a Signtronix Dealer or Manager, you stand as an example, to the people of this company and to Main Street America. Your enthusiasm and knowledge INSPIRES small business owners to try something new, expand their business and take on a new outlook.


Becoming an inspirational person requires acknowledgment of your own talents, skills, and worth in this world. You will need to be someone who is willing to beat a path that may be rarely trodden but you will shine the way and show others how things can be done, and usually for the better. Being inspirational is about speaking to other humans from your heart, so that no matter how many people you touch in your life, each of them will come away thinking about your verve for life, your energy, and your trust in their ability to be great too.

No one will care about what you do until YOU care about what you do. Find what you are passionate about, nurture it and take pride in it.

Be bold in the way you speak and carry yourself. Carry yourself like a winner. Confidence is key.

Go the extra mile with someone. Work hard, be more than helpful, be useful.

Actions are the only way to demonstrate hard work. It’s how you DO that counts.

Being an inspiration begins with you. You must first inspire yourself to inspire others. Just as Paul, Vernie, Greg and Ron acknowledged what inspires them, let the brilliance of your greatest influences INSPIRE you.


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