The Science of Placing Your Business Signs

The Science of Placing Your Business Signs

How to Strategically Place Your Business Sign to Do More Business

When you’re purchasing new business signs, most often, business owners go straight to deciding the type of sign they like and the design. They choose between lighted signs or LED signs based on what they like better or on budget. However, doing so can prevent you from creating the most effective signage possible. Many business owners fail to consider is where to place their sign. A number of factors based on where you will put your sign will help you select which type of sign your business needs.

Use this guide to help you decide where you’ll be placing your signage so you can select the sign that will be most beneficial for your establishment. Based on your business goals, you’ll either choose indoor or outdoor signs. If you’re looking to attract new customers, you likely want an outdoor sign. If you want to increase the amount of money people spend while at your business, an indoor sign will be a better choice.

Using Outdoor Signs to Attract Customers

If you’ve decided you need to use outdoor signs to advertise your business to potential customers, you also need to consider a few other things. First you need to realize if your business is on a busy street. This may not necessarily mean that there are dozens of cars driving by at once. Rather, consider if your signs will be competing with others on the street. If your street has multiple businesses on it, you’ll want to make sure your sign stands out amongst the rest. In such situations, it’s best to use a combination of a plastic lighted sign with an eye-catching design and a bright LED sign that will grab attention. The combo will give your business everything it needs to stand out.

You also need to think about where your potential customers will be. Does your street get more motor traffic or foot traffic? This will help you determine where to place your signage. If you have a lot of cars driving by, you want a sign that faces the street—possibly one that is double sided so cars in both directions can see the signage. If you get more foot traffic, it might be better to place your signage on the front of your building or perpendicular to the front of your building so it really stands out. In this case, a lighted sign will be best.

Using Indoor Signs to Increase Sales

Indoor signs have two main purposes. One way you can use them is to attract people walking by to stop into your business with an enticing window sign. You can use a plastic lighted sign to make your storefront look attractive and catch customers’ attention.

Another, more powerful way to use indoor signage is to place it throughout your business. Using LED Signs, you can attract customers to different points throughout your establishment. Digital signage has been proven to increase the amount of time customers spend browsing by up to 30 percent, and can increase the amount of impulse purchases by approximately 50%.

Transformational Business Signs To Help You Thrive

Regardless of your specific industry or vertical, a new sign can essentially change the way you do business moving forward. Whether you’re trying to increase foot traffic, increase sales, or both, the team at Signtronix can help your growing business by helping you find the right sign. Contact us today and start a new chapter in your company’s history.


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