Digital Signage for Small Businesses

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Why Digital Signage is the A Popular Choice for Small Businesses

More and more small business owners are investing in digital signage. The use of LED signs gives small businesses the competitive edge they need to stand out amongst other businesses and their competitors. The impact of digital signage has been proven—more than 83% of business owners noticed an increase in sales after installing a new LED sign.  See how digital signage works to give small business owners an advantage.

Digital Signage Provides a Substantial Return on Investment

Digital signage is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. The cost per thousand impressions is much less than other forms of advertising. With a newspaper, radio, television, or online ad, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of customers and then the ad is over. Customers also have to pay full attention to that ad, and then actively look up your business or go there. With digital signage, you are able to advertise to customers who are right in front of your store and can easily stop in. Your sign will be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year. With LED signs, you can guarantee that hundreds of customers will see your sign each day, and target the customers who are right in front of your business and able to make an unplanned stop.

You Can Create Endless Advertising Campaigns

One of the best—and most profitable—aspects of digital signage is the ability to create new messages as often as you’d like. You can schedule a time or day for your advertising to change to target consumers. You’re able to promote special deals, discounts, or featured products or services that would encourage customers to make an impulse purchase. You’ll be able to give consumers a reason to stop in that day. In addition, you’ll save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. You won’t have to spend money on new advertising every time you want to promote something different. You can simple program the easy-to-use technology to display a new advertisement. If you’re eco-conscious, these signs also use little energy and reduce the waste created from needed new signs frequently.

You’ll Reap the Benefits of 24/7 Advertising

Although your business may not be open in the evening, there are still dozens of people passing by your business after dark. Digital signage is well-illuminated and attractive, showcasing your business in the best light, even at night. You’ll be able to spread the word of your business to those potential customers who drive home late from work or who are out and about enjoying their evening. Doing so can make a big difference in how many people are aware of your business and who choose to become a customer. LED signs ensure your business is being noticed by each and every potential customer that passes by.

Make a Long-Lasting Impression on Potential Customers

Studies show that consumers are better able to recall digital signage than plastic signs. The vibrant colors, graphic imagery, and motion capabilities make a long-lasting visual impression on the consumer. Not only will they notice your sign amongst all of the other signs on your street, but they’ll also be able to remember your business when they’re in need of your products and services.


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