Electric Sign Outside of Stadium

Businesses Most In Need of Electric Signs

Electric Signs Can Help You, Too

Telling people about your business is one thing, but showing the world what you can do is another. You won’t have a chance, though, if people can’t find your place at all, or have a difficult time finding your place of business, that could affect your success, and compromise your earnings. Every business benefits from signs, but some will benefit from some specific types of signs more than others.

Specialty Schools

Combination Lighted and LED signs are the best way to go for specialty schools. It offers the general public the brand recognition of the institution while giving the school the opportunity to make announcements. Congratulations for faculty and staff, special graduation parking instructions, and dates for the beginning and end of semesters can be typed into the LED portion of the sign, making a steady and reliable source for the school’s public dealings.

Car Dealerships

With regular specials and employee recognition, car dealerships are another example of business that actually need combination lighted and LED signs. The lighted sign is needed for the name of the franchise, and the owner of the dealership, and the LEDs can be customized to highlight accomplished sales people, wish the public happy holidays, acknowledge birthdays, and promote deals and price cuts. Using combinations signs is a smart way to advertise and make your car dealership more relevant.

Computer Stores

Lighted signs are always recommended for computer stores. During the holiday season, there is an increased demand for goods and services due to the increase in the giving of goods and services as gifts. Since computer stores offer a niche item and their accessories, it works well to simply advertise their names, and allow people to come and find what they are looking for. Lighted signs will make it easier for their names and logos to be seen from the street, gaining foot traffic and growing the business.

Mechanic Shops

Another example of a niche industry supported by the public’s general understand of their offerings, mechanics can do very well with regular lighted signs. Strategic placement of said signs can be a concern for each mechanic – in large cities, it is not unusual for several mechanics to be clustered together in one block. When this happens, each shop should be concerned with standing out and apart from their peers. Lighted signs can have printed on them the name of the shop, the number of years they’ve served the community, outstanding reviews, and their phone number, so that passersby will be able to call for an appointment.


Perhaps the benefits that can be enjoyed by stadiums that choose LED signs need not be explained. Being able to advertise the the teams facing each other and the ability to change the message of the sign at the drop of a hat makes LED signs an easy and practical choice for stadiums. Stadiums don’t only use signs to inform the public of the two (or more) teams that are meeting, but also use the same type of signs in the stadium to advertise food and drink specials, and direct fans to the places where they can purchase team merchandise. Adding LEDs to stadiums means that the stadiums themselves have invested in their own success, and have made it easy to communicate directly with their customers.

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