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Questions and Answers about Electric Signs

Your Guide to Electric Signs is Right Here!

Of course you need a sign for your business, but the question is, ‘what kind?’ Going with an electric sign is what many business owners choose to do, although some business owners go with traditional letters against their building, or simple hanging signs.

What is an electric sign?

An electric sign is a sign that requires electricity to work.

What types of electric signs are available to me?

Electric signs come in a variety of options for you to choose from – lighted, LED, Combination Lighted and LED, and other forms, just depending on what your local sign company has to offer you.

What is a lighted sign?

A lighted sign is an image that has been professionally printed on a plastic panel, and mounted against strong lights that can be seen for a miles around, provided the sign is high enough. Lighted signs are common all over the world, and usually contain an image and a simple message, or the name of the business.

What is an LED sign?

An LED sign is an electric sign that creates images and messages with a series of bulbs on a panel. LED signs have been around for years, but are growing more and more common as more business open, and see the benefits of LED Signs, which come strongly recommended by veteran business owners.

What is the difference between LED and Lighted Signs?

LED Signs can be changed to show images and messages as the owner sees fit – whether you want the community to know that there is a change in the times of worship for your church, or if you want to remind people that grapefruit is only .99 cents per pound for the next week, you can change the look and messages of LED signs as you please. Lighted signs are printed on plastic panels, and the whole panel would have to be changed for the message to change.

What is the benefit of putting the two together?

With combination LED and Lighted signs, you will be able to maintain one consistent message (perhaps a mission statement), while being able to show people the variety of ways that you will hold true to this message (like with special events).

I’m interested in a sign, but I’m not sure where to put it.

Don’t worry! To get started, your local sign company will, most likely, be able to give you a free consultation, and help you with every step of the process, including good places  for your sign.

How will I know what my sign will look like?

Your local sign company will help you design it, or bring your design to life if you already know what you would like. Never hesitate to ask about specific steps in the sign-making process. The sign company will update you with images and the direction of your project.

How do I know which sign is right for me?

Again, your local sign company will step in to save the day! Through a consultation and working closely with you, you will have the sign that best suits your business’s needs.

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