Learn About the Value of LED Signs

What’s The Value of LED Signs?

When looking for new ways to help grow your business, owners will look into a variety of methods. Thanks to the internet, this can include things like Facebook advertisements, Twitter posts, Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and more. However, while these digital methods are all great for reaching people sitting at home, there is still a massive contingent of people who are either walking or driving by your location.

How LED Signs Can Benefit Your Business

There is actually quite a bit of data that shows just how impactful a brand new sign can be for any small business owner. Regardless of your industry, you constantly need to be thinking about how you’re going to get customers who drive or walk by your location to enter. This is where LED signs come into play. Below are just some of the many ways this investment is worthwhile.

It Demonstrates The Quality Of Your Business

One of the most shocking statistic out there in relation to the benefits of signage is this: approximately 75% of consumers indicated that they told others about a business (restaurant, store, service center) simply become of its signage. What this says is two things. Firstly, if you don’t have a sign, then you’re not benefitting from word of mouth. Secondly, the quality of your sign matters immensely. If you have a rickety old sign that doesn’t represent the type of work you do, how will those customers know? When they see a new, well-constructed LED sign, they’re going to talk about that in relation to your business.

Expect An Increase In Sales

Another really important statistic when it comes to new signage has to do with changes to sales. If you invest in the right sign, it can increase your business by up to 400%. Imagine what you could do if you have four times the amount of business that you currently have. Not only that, but nearly half of consumers discover a new business because of advertising like LED signs, which means the untapped market is massive.

They Will Stay With Your Business For Years

Thanks to more efficient production methods and better access to quality materials, any LED signs that you invest in won’t just be a short-term solution. They’re able to withstand a variety of weather conditions, so if you live somewhere with extreme seasons, your sign will still be shining bright against your competitors. This is a great way to let any passing customers know you’re open for business, and they’ll be more likely to interact with your location.

Trust Signtronix To Take You To The Next Level

Even if you’re still not entirely sure about the idea of investing in a brand new LED sign, our team at Signtronix can help answer any remaining questions or concerns you may have. We’ve been in the industry for nearly 60 years, and have worked with owners who own and operate every kind of business imaginable. We understand just how impactful a quality sign can be as it relates to your success.


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