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5 Industries Best Suited for LED Signs

The Benefits of LED Signs for Various Industries

Signs, in general, have been around in different forms for thousands of years—dating back to carvings on stones in ancient times. In more recent years, advanced technology has allowed us to take signage to the next level. LED signs, powered by strategic technology, let you customize the message you’re sending to the public and effortlessly capture the attention of people passing by.

Captivating and vibrant, LED signs let you not only capture the attention of people passing by but can help you increase your impulse business and your profits as well. Available in different forms—including indoor and outdoor versions—LED signs can help you drastically improve your day-to-day business operations. Learn more about some of the specific industries that have taken advantage of this powerful marketing and advertising tool below.

1. Beauty Salons

If you own a hair salon, nail salon, or anything of the sort, you can utilize LED signs either inside or outside of your storefront to help you reach your consumers. Indoor LED signs can help you feature your pricing and services, display features of your best work, and thank your customers for their business and support. Outdoor LED signs can help you advertise your specific services to the public, display your salon hours, and set your salon apart from others in your area.

2. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars are particularly suited for LED signs because people are always hungry or thirsty. People tend to frequent bars and restaurants on a whim, and LED signs let you appeal to their impulses. Advertise your happy hour specials, display images of your most appetizing menu items, promote upcoming events, or let the public know that you’re open for business.

3. Medical Offices

Whether you’re a dentist, physician, chiropractor, or another medical specialist, you can utilize LED signs to reach new patients and cater to your existing ones. Use outdoor LED signs to provide helpful tips and resources to the passing public. Or you could use them in a more direct way to advertise specials for new patients and highlight the various services you offer. LED signs can also be used inside your waiting room or lobby area to increase morale through inspirational quotes, videos, and more.

4. Churches or Places of Worship

Churches and other places of worship are especially suited for LED signs because they are continuously focused on reaching two groups of people: their members and the outside community. You can use your outdoor LED sign to let anyone passing by know who you are and what you stand for, while indoor LED signs can be used to provide information on upcoming events and the current message or topics.

5. Automotive Services

The automotive industry includes businesses like car washes, oil change stations, car dealerships, collision repair centers, and more. Each one of these types of businesses can use LED signs to help catch the attention of cars driving by and increase their businesses every day. You can advertise specials, promote your services, and list your hours on your signage to help appeal to anyone passing by.


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