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Plastic or LED Signs: How to Choose for Your Business

How to Choose Between Plastic Lighted and LED Signs

A custom sign can be an extremely powerful marketing/advertising tool, designed to help you increase your business and profits. In order to help you make the biggest impact on your consumers, though, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right type of sign and display the right image on it.

Once you decide to get a new sign for your business, you’ll have a few important decisions to make regarding your sign construction and design. These decisions include choosing the size of your sign, choosing between indoor and outdoor signs, and choosing between plastic lighted or LED signs.

To help you with the last decision, here are some of the benefits of the two major types of signs: plastic lighted and LED signs.

Why Choose Plastic Lighted Signs

Plastic business signs are made from a virtually-indestructible polycarbonate material and lighted by energy-efficient fluorescent lighting. These signs let you display your business name, logo, and/or slogan on a sign face in order to best represent your brand. You’ll be able to make a great first impression on consumers and tell them who your brand is and what you provide in just a few seconds.

Other benefits of plastic lighted signs include:

  • The ability to achieve brand consistency
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be updated with different sign panels
  • Let you combine text and graphics
  • Are virtually indestructible and long lasting

Why Choose LED Signs

LED signs are ideal for communicating with your community and consumers. Available in full-color, tri-color, or monochrome formats, LED signs are easily programmable through computer software. You’ll be able to display text, graphics, animations, or any combination of the above to make the biggest visual impact. Plus, you can change up your display at any point to promote different products or services, advertise sales/specials, and communicate with those around your establishment.

Other benefits of LED signs include:

  • Can be updated whenever you want
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be programmed to change automatically
  • Are vibrant and eye-catching
  • Can be seen in direct sunlight or at night

Custom Plastic or LED Signs for Any Industry

Businesses in all types of industries of all different sizes can benefit from custom business signs. Both plastic lighted and LED signs let you promote your brand and services, grab the attention of more consumers, and easily increase the amount of business walking through your doors. Whether you choose plastic lighted or LED signs or combine the two types, you’ll be able to easily start increasing your brand exposure and business from the moment you install the sign.

Learn more about the specifics of each type of sign and see examples of our past work below. Contact us to get a quote on custom signs or to start designing the perfect signage for your business! We’d love to help you start increasing your business by taking advantage of the ultimate marketing and advertising tool!


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