Bright as the Sun, Beautiful as Stars – It’s the SUNSTAR

Check out the amazing colors of the SunStar. Millions of colors can be displayed on the SunStar.

Signtronix recently launched our new SunStar Full Color Indoor LED Display products.  This is one of the most eye-catching and versatile storefront marketing tools you can get for your business! The SunStar has three different sizes so you can choose the right one to fit in your storefront window or within your business for display promotions.  The ability to change your promotional or community messages often is incredibly valuable to your business.  When a saavy business changes their messages daily (and even multiple times a day) people really look forward to seeing the sign when they go by the business.

Why is this important?  Because it creates top-of-mind awareness for the business.  The next time that person needs to purchase a product or service that business sells… guess who they will go to first?  The one that is top-of-mind for that consumer.  The LED message display is powerful because it also creates impulse purchases.  When a potential customer drives by and sees a high resolution image of something they have either wanted or are craving at that time – they will stop to purchase it more often than not.  But what if that sign wasn’t there when they were passing?  They wouldn’t have see the image that triggered their impulse to purchase what they wanted or needed at that moment. The ROI on these full color displays is amazing.  Our customers have seen many times the return for their investment in the SunStar.

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