Here it is! The New Signtronix ImageLite.

And here she is!  The new Signtronix ImageLite sign!

The ImageLite is a completely new sign design from the inside, out.  It is an indoor sign that typically goes in a business window or within the business for display or promotional purposes.  There are 13 different sizes – so you definitely will find the right size to fit your business needs.

The awesome things about this sign: 

1) It has a bring LED border that is extremely eye-catching.  People passing your business can’t help but see this sign (and isn’t that the purpose of a sign??).  There are 16 colors for you to choose from – and you can change the color quickly and easily with a remote control.

2) You can order more sign faces very inexpensively so you can promote different products and services throughout the year – or celebrate different holidays.

Check out a video of the ImageLite:

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