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Comparing the Different Types of LED Signs

An Overview of the Different Types of LED Signs

When it comes to business signs, LED signs are among the most visually-striking and effective types of signs. Programmable via computer software and able to display graphics, text, and sometimes videos—LED signs are very powerful marketing and advertising tools. Before you decide on one for your business, you should take a look into the various options available to you. Here’s a basic guide to some of the most common types of LED signs to help you decide.

Indoor LED Signs

Indoor LED signs are typically smaller than their outdoor counterparts, but they are just as effective. These types of signs are best for helping businesses capture the attention of existing or returning customers. Though they can be seen from some distance when placed in a window, they are most effective at reaching consumers who are close to your building already. Many businesses also utilize these types of signs inside their establishments to draw attention to certain places in their stores.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor signs, in contrast, are much larger than the indoor signs. These are designed to attract consumers who are driving by your business or approaching from a distance. Many businesses use their outdoor LED signs to advertise specials in order to draw more impulse traffic to their establishments.

Monochrome LED Signs

Monochrome LED signs are the simplest (but still effective) form of LED signs. Featuring lights of one color (typically a yellow/amber), monochrome LED signs range in size from very small to billboard size to help you meet your goals. You’ll be able to communicate using text or basic graphics to reach your consumers.

Tri-Color LED Signs

Featuring red, green, and yellow, tri-colored LED signs also let you communicate using simple graphics, animations, text. You’ll have the ability to change up your message at any time in order to achieve your business goals.

Full-Color LED Signs

Great for indoor or outdoor usage, full-color LED signs let you display high-definition graphics, animations, text, and even full-motion video! These versatile signs are perfect for a wide number of industries and business goals.

Double-Sided LED Signs

The newest type of LED sign and the most visually striking, double-sided LED signs let you make a huge impact on your community. You can display the same message on both sides or change it up in order to communicate most effectively. Anyone driving by or walking by your business won’t be able to look away from your stunning signage!

Combine LED signs with plastic signs for a huge visual impact!

While LED signs are extremely effective on their own—allowing you to change up your message and communicate with your community—combo signs are even more effective. Try using a plastic lighted sign to display your logo and slogan and then combining it with an LED sign to make a huge visual impact. Choose from a variety of sizes, available for indoor or outdoor uses. Learn more about our signs and available combinations below!


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