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Comparing Indoor vs. Outdoor LED Signs

How to Choose Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Signs

When it comes to marketing through business signage, LED signs are a visually-stunning and effective way to get your message across to your consumers. You have the ability to change your message—alternating between text, graphics, and even video in some cases—whenever you like.

Because you can change up your content as you please, you don’t have to make any huge commitments when purchasing an LED sign, other than choosing whether to display your sign indoors or outdoors. Here are a few of the uses for both indoor and outdoor LED signs to help you choose the right location for your business.

Uses for Indoor LED Signs

Indoor signs are an easy and effective form of storefront marketing. When designed and displayed prominently, indoor signs can help you catch the attention of those passing by your store or consumers who are already inside. You can achieve one of two goals through indoor LED signs: to bring new customers into your store or to help close the deal on a product or service.

Many business owners use LED signs placed in their windows to appeal to consumers walking by their storefront or driving by close enough to read the sign. You could use your indoor signage to advertise specials, promote new products, and so much more to drive more traffic into your building.

Other business owners choose to display their LED signs within their establishments, highlighting certain products or services. You could also use your full-color signage as a menu, a video display, or a way to show your appreciation for your customers.

Uses for Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs let you capture the attention of new and previous customers driving by your area. These are available in full-color, tri-color, and monochrome options to help you display your message in the best way possible. You can change up your message, images, or videos whenever you’d like to drive more impulse traffic toward your business.

Business owners often choose to promote upcoming events, advertise special deals, and promote whatever makes their business unique and enticing. You’ll be able to attract people driving and walking by your area with bright colors and beautiful graphics. Whether it’s your logo, the weather, a personalized message, a picture of your newest menu item, or something completely unique, your community will be much more likely to check out your establishment upon seeing your sign. Switch up your sign to see what works best for your business and community.

Our High-Quality, Long-Lasting LED Signs

We want to help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals in the easiest and most effective way possible. Though quality-made LED signs, you’ll be able to communicate your message to the highest number of consumers. If you’re still having trouble deciding between indoor and outdoor LED signs, one of our sign representatives can help you find the ideal spot for your new signage.

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