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A Comparison of the Types of LED Signs

How the Different Types of LED Signs Compare

As far as business signs go, LED signs are some of the most effective and visually-appealing types of signage. With the ability to display text, graphics, animations, and even videos—LED signs are useful for so many different industries. These signs are programmable through easy-to-use software and can be updated anytime you choose to help support your business goals.

Before you order one for your business, you’ll want to take a deeper look into the different options available. Here’s an introductory look into how the different types of LED signs compare to each other.

Outdoor vs. Indoor LED Signs

One of the biggest differences among the types of LED signs is that some are created specifically for outdoor use, while others are created for indoor use. Outdoor signs are usually much larger than indoor signs, as they are designed to catch the attention of people in the distance. Many businesses use these types of signs to increase their impulse business by advertising specials or promotions.

Indoor signs, on the other hand, are typically much smaller. However, they are just as vibrant and effective. They are just designed for different reasons. Indoor signs are meant to appeal to returning customers or those who have already decided to visit your business. When placed in a window, an indoor sign can be seen from across the street, but it is most effective at catching the eye of someone in your parking lot or close vicinity. Indoor LED signs can also be used within your establishment in order to draw attention toward a certain area.  

Monochrome LED Signs

The most basic form of LED signs, monochrome signs let you communicate in one color (typically a vibrant yellow/amber color). They can range in size from a billboard size for use outdoors to a small poster size for indoor or window use. Monochrome signs are capable of displaying text and simple graphics or animations.

Tri-Color LED Signs

Tri-color LED signs are nearly identical to the monochrome ones, except they let you communicate using three different colors: red, green, and yellow. Just like with the monochrome signs, you can change up your message (text or simple animations/graphics) whenever you’d like to achieve your business goals.

Full-Color LED Signs

Full-color LED signs are also available for indoor or outdoor use and are characterized by a high-definition display. These versatile signs allow you to display not just text and simple graphics, but full-motion video and clear images as well!

Double-Sided LED Signs

The most visually-striking and newest type of LED sign is the double-sided version. You’ll have the ability to either display the same content on both sides at once or display something different on each side—depending on your marketing goals. Anyone approaching from any direction won’t be able to look away from your visually-stunning sign.

Try Combining LED Signs with Plastic Signs for a Huge Visual Impact

LED signs are very effective on their own, letting you change your message whenever you please. But if you really want to make a huge impact, try combining an LED sign with a plastic lighted sign. You can choose from a variety of sizes for indoor or outdoor use to help you communicate with the public.


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