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Comparing the Benefits of Plastic and LED Signs

Making the Choice Between Plastic or LED Signs

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: custom signs are the ultimate marketing and advertising tools for your business. Signs are not only visually striking, but they are a cost-effective and efficient way to spread the word about your business. But if you want to experience these benefits, you have to be sure to choose the right type of sign, the right design, and the right place to display it.

Two of the most important choices you’ll make when choosing a sign are whether you want to choose from indoor or outdoor signs and whether you want to choose from plastic or LED signs. Let us help you with the latter decision by comparing some of the benefits of plastic signs and LED signs.

Benefits of Plastic Signs for Your Business

Plastic business signs from a virtually-indestructible polycarbonate material in order to withstand anything mother nature or humans can throw at them. These signs are then lighted with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting to help you make a huge visual impact at a fraction of the cost. You’ll be able to design and display the static image of your choosing to help you put your best face forward and tell consumers who you are as a brand.

Some of the biggest advantage of plastic signs include that they:

  • Let you achieve brand consistency
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Can be updated through different sign panels
  • Allow the combination of text and graphics
  • Are long lasting and almost indestructible

Benefits of LED Signs for Your Business

LED signs let you send custom messages to anyone passing by at any time. Available for indoor or outdoor use, LED signs can be programmed through a computer to display anything you please. Whether it’s simple text on a monochrome LED sign or a full-color video or animation, you can customize your signs to your liking. Many business owners use LED signs to promote their services or products, advertise sales or specials, and communicate timely messages to those in their community.

Notable advantages of LED signs include that they:

  • Can be updated frequently
  • Are available in indoor and outdoor versions
  • Can display text, graphics, animations, and even videos
  • Are eye-catching and vibrant
  • Can be seen clearly at night or in direct sunlight

Get Custom Plastic or LED Signs for Any Industry

No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, you can benefit from custom signs. Both types of signs have their advantages and can help support a variety of business goals. Whether you are more attracted to the benefits of a plastic sign, an LED sign, or both, any of them can help you start increasing your business and brand exposure almost immediately.

Get more information on each of the different types of signs below. Ready for a quote? Give us a call or request a quote online to get started. We’d love to help you take advantage of the ultimate marketing tool!


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