LED Signs Can Help Grocery and Retail Stores Sell Items to Customers

How Grocery Stores Could Use LED Signs

What Industries Could Use LED Signs?

No matter your industry, your business can benefit from using LED signs. Used either indoor or outdoor, LED signs can be used to promote specials, display wait signs, and even cross advertise products. They can foster impulse buys and draw people into your store even when they weren’t intending on dropping in. LED signs can be used by any business to increase profits and expand your customer base.

The Many Benefits of LED Signs In Grocery Stores

LED signs have a variety of uses that can be used in grocery stores to improve user experience and create happier customers.

Display Store Hours

Since LED signs can be placed both outside and inside, they can be used to display your store hours. Outdoor LED displays let those driving by know your still open and can even remind them about the milk or eggs they needed to buy. Outdoor LED signs can also show customers that you’re closed so they don’t get out of their car before realizing. Indoor LED signs can let shoppers know about special holiday hours, whether you extend your hours or shorten them.

Advertise Specials

If you’ve ever been to a grocery store and bought something only to find out the product you really wanted was on sale, you know that grocery stores can benefit from LED Signs. LED signs would allow grocery stores to promote specials and sales throughout the store. Not only would people buy more, but people would be much happier because they are saving money. Your customers will love that the sale was easy to take advantage of and are more likely to come back and become loyal customers.

Show Wait Time at Counters

Much like amusement parks, grocery stores could also use LED signs to show estimated wait times and show your place in line. Instead of yelling ticket numbers at the deli counter, the number could be displayed on an LED sign. LED signs can be easily updated and can show real time information making them a great source for any business that has waiting customers.

Cross Advertise

LED signs are also very effective for cross advertising. The bright colors and moving text draws the eye, ensuring almost every customer sees the promotion. If you advertise a sale on bagels next to the cream cheese using an LED sign, customers will be more likely to buy bagels even if they weren’t originally intending to.

Foster Impulse Buys

When you walk by the freezer section with no intentions of buying a pint of rainbow sherbert, momentarily look to the side, accidentally catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing triad of color and know you must have it, that’s considered an impulse buy. Anytime you purchase something without much thought, whether an ice cream or a really expensive pair of shoes, is an impulse buy. LED signs can foster impulse buys as their bright lights and moving texts grab attention and prey on people’s cravings.

Every Store Can Benefit From LED Signs

If you’re still wondering what industries could use LED signs, the answer is everyone. No matter your business, you can benefit from either an outdoor or an indoor sign. Signs are low maintenance advertising solutions, message boards, and communication tools. You can entertain people in line or showcase a special promotion. No matter what you use your LED sign for, you’ll be able to see a growth in your business.


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