LED Signs are a Great Way to Advertise Your Business or Event

Advertising Your Business With Different Types Of LED Signs

The Advantages of Types Of LED Signs

Like any businesses sign, LED signs can be a powerful marketing tool for your company. Additionally, LED signs have easily changeable displays and visually appealing colors that can provide even more benefits than your standard plastic sign. The many types of LED signs have their own purposes and benefits, making choosing your business sign that much harder.

Indoor LED Signs

Indoor signs are best used to advertise sales and compel your customers to impulse buy. They target customers already inside your store and allow you to promote discounts, best selling services, and featured products. They can also be used to cross advertise, for example advertising a sale on hamburger buns next to the hamburger patties. Indoor signs can also be displayed in windows to attract those walking by. An incredibly compelling sign that’s visible from the sidewalk can encourage people to make unplanned purchases and become loyal customers.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs help your business make a big statement, no matter its size. Even the smallest business can benefit from an outdoor LED sign, perhaps even more so than corporations with national advertising campaigns. Outdoor digital signs can attract new customers and create brand awareness that help develop a loyal customer base. Even those who see your sign while driving to work and can’t immediately stop by will remember a compelling sign and come back at a later time. Outdoor signs can also be used to direct people to your business if your storefront is difficult to find.

Tri-Colored LED Signs

Tri-colored signs are slightly more advanced than monochrome signs. Instead of utilizing only one color to display text and images, these LED signs use three colors for added visual draw. Typically, these signs use red, green, and yellow to create their displays. They are still relatively simple to use so you can change the display as frequently as you want.

Full Color LED Signs

The pinnacle of LED advertising, full color LED signs can display high definition graphics, animations, text, and videos. As the name implies, full color LED signs can produce essentially every color in the spectrum. This has a huge appeal for businesses like car dealerships that want to show off their newest, coolest inventory and visual quality matters. Potential customers are sure to be impressed by your full color LED sign and innovative advertising.

Double Sided LED Signs

Double sided signs allow you to advertise your business on both sides. This means people going both directions of traffic will be able to see your sign. You can display the same message or two different ones on either side of your display. The advertising opportunities are bountiful when you can display twice the message to twice the audience.

Make A Big Impact With The Types Of LED Signs

No matter which type you pick, the different types of LED signs can help your business grow as their stunning visual messages attract new customers and build a loyal client base. For added benefits, pair your LED sign with a plastic sign for consistent business branding. While the LED sign displays your latest sale, your plastic sign can establish your business’s brand.


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