Lighted Signs Are Prevalent In Popular Culture Locations Like Times Square in New York City

Lighted Signs in Pop Culture

The Memorable Moments of Lighted Signs

We all know and have come to love some signs over the years. Whether the signs appeared in our favorite movies or television shows, served as landmarks on our route home or to work, or served as a halfway point through the trip to a vacation spot, many signs are lovingly remembered for the purposes they served in our lives, and in the lives of many others. Amazingly enough, the businesses behind these iconic signs from different places have been able to profit immensely from their brightly-shining presence, and their trademark shapes and placement.


The ubiquitous golden arches, visible for miles and miles around, are the center of the charm that has turned McDonald’s from a little drive-through joint in San Bernardino, California to the world’s largest and most quintessential fast-food chain.  Probably the world’s best-known lighted sign, McDonald’s has enjoyed a steady increase in revenue for nearly its entire existence, due in no small part to it ability to attract patrons away from competitors by offering familiar American food under a brilliant ‘M’ shape. McDonald’s huge, ever-present logo is not only a welcome and positive sight in the eyes of Americans, but abroad, as well: most countries in the world have at least one McDonald’s.


Though an atypical lighted sign, the huge, white letters situated above the Hollywood Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles, California have nearly the same power and recognition as McDonald’s. The Hollywood sign is a fundamental element of the success of the multi-billion-dollar film and television industry, which is heavily based in Los Angeles. Since being constructed in 1923, The Hollywood Sign has gone from a mere atypical lighted sign to a tourist destination, landmark, and widely recognized icon of the glamour of Hollywood, old and new.  Though filming takes places in many other places across the United States, and the world, The Hollywood Sign remains an essential global symbol of the entertainment elites, and its home the main benefactor of entertainment revenue.    

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

There exists no greater symbol of glitz and glamour than the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Backlit with a trimming of blinking lights, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign is far from the largest iconic sign, but nevertheless captures the spirit of the city of Las Vegas, and also serves as a vivid representation of the multi-billion-dollar casino gaming industry for which the city is known. Positioned in a city that is an excellent spot for families and singles alike, the fun and energetic Welcome to Las Vegas sign is a huge part of the draw to warm, vibrant Las Vegas.

Lighted Signs Light Up the Night, and the Silver Screen

How could a lighted sign help your business? While there is no guarantee that your business will become associated with an iconic sign, logo, or slogan, the draw to lighted signs is undeniable. With a fully-customized sign, your business will become more visible, and over time, attract more customers than a homemade sign, or an older sign.

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