Lighted Sign At Night

Using Lighted Signs To Increase Your Sales

The early years for any small business are always going to be focused on increasing sales and staying afloat. It’s not an easy thing to run a company, and you need to take advantage of opportunities that help drive sales and increase positive customer engagement. The more good word of mouth that’s out there, whether it’s from the service or quality of products you offer, the more likely that others will also be drawn to your location. To help people not only find your business, but also promote your brand, you need to strongly consider investing in a quality lighted sign.

How to Increase Sales With Lighted Signs

Even though it may be one of the oldest known methods of advertising, the sign has proven it’s still extremely useful in attracting customers. If you and your business partners think that you’re ready to purchase a high-quality lighted sign, the first thing you should be doing is partnering with a reputable sign company that understands how to help you achieve your goals.

Establishing Goals With a Sign Company

When you find a sign company that you’re comfortable working with, one of the first things they should be doing is providing an honest assessment of your current business sign situation. Let them know what your marketing and advertising goals are as well, since this will help them come up with viable solutions. For example, if you want to have a more immediate short term impact on sales, you might be looking at a couple of different signs in multiple locations that will drive customers to make a purchase or investment in services. The placement of your sign is just as important as the type of sign you get, which is why many business owners elect to install lighted signs.

Ramp Up Your Visibility

Unlike older signage that you may currently have, lighted signs are literally going to change the way that people see your business. A high quality electric lighted sign will be built out of a highly durable material (usually polycarbonate) that adds years of longevity. While the durability is certainly nice to have, what’s even better is getting found. Sun, snow, sleet, or rain, a lighted sign is going get noticed by anyone passing by. If you and a direct rival are in similar locations, people are going to be drawn to the spot that has a well-made, clearly visible sign that promotes their brand. Half of consumers have stated that barely visible or poor-quality signage deters them from even entering a business location. If you currently have worn down signage, you might be missing out on half of your potential customers.

Bring In New Business

When you install a new lighted sign, you’re also increasing the chances that someone will visit your establishment. Beyond bringing people from the outside in, lighted signs can also be used to help push sales. For example, studies have shown that approximately half of impulse purchases happen because signage directs people to a certain location in your establishment. Even if they don’t make the purchase, the more information a consumer has about additional products and services, the more likely they are to return as a customer.

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