10 Ways to Use Digital Signage at Your School

Creative Ways to Use Your School’s Digital Signage

Gone are the days of bulletin boards and letter marquee signs. In this increasingly digital age, we want information given to us in the most eye-catching, easy-to-digest, most timely manner possible. One of the best ways to provide information in this way is through custom digital signage. Your school’s digital signage can provide you with an easy and relevant way to inform and communicate with your school’s students, faculty, and visitors—as well as community members walking or driving by. To help you get the most out of your school’s digital signage, here are 10 creative ways to communicate messages on your campus.

1. Communicate Timely Announcements

From cancelled classes to upcoming picture days to policy changes, your digital signage can let you communicate timely announcements to your faculty and students. You can easily change your message multiple times per week or throughout the day as needed.

2. Enhance Your Campus Safety

In addition to alarms and phone alerts, you can use your digital signage as an emergency notification system. You’ll be able to communicate any type of danger or threat to your students, faculty, and the passing public—depending on the placement of your sign.

3. Deliver Holiday Messages

Whether it’s a national holiday or a sillier one, you can send positive wishes to your students, faculty, and community through your digital signage. Depending on your sign, you could display text, graphics, or video to your school.

4. Post Sports Scores

Increase your school spirit by making sure your students and faculty never miss hearing about the latest games. You can easily update the sports scores daily to congratulate your athletes!

5. Highlight Student or Faculty Achievements

Maybe one of your students just got accepted into an Ivy League school. Or maybe one of your teachers was just recognized for their hard work and contributions to their department. Use your digital signage to highlight anything and everything happening at your school.

6. Announce Upcoming Events

From plays to important tests to sports games to pep rallies and more, announce any upcoming events to your students and faculty through your digital signage.

7. Feature Social Streams from Students

This is more applicable for colleges and universities, but this can be a great way to increase school spirit and student involvement. Come up with a relevant hashtag or topic and ask your students to post their thoughts for a chance to be featured on the LED message board.

8. Promote Fundraising Opportunities

Use your digital signage to preview raffle prizes, create excitement for fundraisers, and get your students and faculty involved with upcoming opportunities.

9. Preview Lunch Menus

Having a special on pizza this week? Is a food truck visiting your campus in the near future? Use your indoor signs to get your students and faculty excited about upcoming food menus!

10. Display the Date/Time/Weather

Want to easily grab the attention of cars and people passing by your school? Use your a href=”http://www.signtronix.com/outdoor-signs/” title=”indoor”>outdoor signs to display the date, time, and/or weather for your community members.


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