Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage

5 Great Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Signage

Considering an upgrade to your business’s signage? Is your current sign not drawing in as many new customers as you’d like? Whether you’ve already considered getting a new sign or you’re still debating the value of one, we’d love to help you decide what’s best for your business. Here are a few reasons why you should look into indoor or outdoor digital signage for your business.

1. You’ll have the freedom to change your message at any time.

When making a big purchase—like a sign for your business—it can be nerve wracking to commit to a single design or message. With digital signage, you don’t have to worry about making a commitment! Your digital sign will come with a special software that lets you easily change the text message, graphics, or video whenever you like. Experiment with different graphics or messages on different days or different times of the day so you can decide what’s working most effectively and what’s not capturing your consumers’ attention the right way.

2. Digital signage can help you grab the attention of more consumers.

Today, consumers are most often drawn to things that are different from the norm, flashy, bright, and eye-catching. Digital signage—featuring vibrant colors and changeable messages—offers you an easy way to capture the attention of customers passing by your business. When people are walking or driving by your establishment, their eyes will naturally be drawn to your sign. Digital signage can also be used indoors, so you can guide your customers to a certain area of your store or business to promote a special or new product.

3. Digital signage is great for driving impulse traffic to your business.

As a business owner, you’ll have return customers, new customers who have taken the time to research your business, and impulse customers. Digital signage can help you attract more impulse business, increasing your profits and revenue. How can you accomplish this? By using your digital signage to advertise new products, draw attention to current specials, and spread the word about upcoming promotions.

4. You’ll be able to display full-motion video and photo-realistic graphics.

If there’s one thing better than a beautifully-designed, well-built sign, it’s one that lets you display almost anything you want, whenever you want it. Full-color LED signs—whether one-sided or two-sided—give you the freedom to show videos, graphics, and photos that capture the attention of passersby and show your community who you are as a business.

5. When combined with a plastic lighted sign, you can make a huge impact.

Plastic lighted signs are great for brand consistency and drawing the attention of new customers. Digital signage is great for standing out from the norm and communicating different messages to your community. While each is effective on its own, combining the two can help you make the most powerful impact on potential new customers. Use the plastic lighted sign to show who you are as a brand, and use the digital signage to communicate relevant and timely messages to help drive more traffic.


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