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40 Advantages of Digital Signage

40 Ways Digital Signage Can Improve Your Business

Few things have the ability to drastically improve your day-to-day business operations quite like digital signage. Available for use as outdoor signs or indoor signs, digital signage is an extremely powerful marketing and advertising tool. Whether you’re looking for new signage for your business, school, or organization, digital signage is the way to go.

To put it into perspective, digital signage can be used to…

  1. Attract the attention of more consumers in your area.
  2. Increase your business—and, therefore, your profits.
  3. Give your business a more modern feel.
  4. Provide you with easy and effective marketing and advertising.
  5. Set you apart from the other businesses in your community.
  6. Promote and advertise sales or specials.
  7. Increase customer or patient satisfaction in a waiting room.
  8. Display menus without having to print out excessive copies.
  9. Provide answers to frequently-asked questions.
  10. Increase your chances of selling a specific product.
  1. Draw more consumers into your business.
  2. Guide consumers toward a certain area in your store.
  3. Highlight customer testimonials or success stories.
  4. Communicate important messages to your community.
  5. Thank your customers for their business and support.
  6. Feature social media posts or online features.
  7. Display fun and lighthearted videos for your consumers’ entertainment.
  8. Establish your brand’s identity to your community and consumers.
  9. Let consumers know you’re open for business.
  10. Display the time, date, weather, and other useful information.
  1. Save money on energy costs with UL-Energy Verified signage.
  2. Automatically update your message throughout the day.
  3. Advertise your business 24/7 without any effort on your part.
  4. Announce happy hour specials and limited-time offerings.
  5. Involve your community in your marketing efforts.
  6. Send thoughtful messages on holidays or other occasions.
  7. Increase your credibility among consumers.
  8. Establish your brand as a community resource.
  9. Increase your brand recognition among your community.
  10. Spread the word about lesser-known services your business offers.
  1. Communicate timely announcements at your school or establishment.
  2. Post sports scores to increase school or community spirit.
  3. Highlight customer, student, or community achievements.
  4. Promote fundraising opportunities.
  5. Announce upcoming events at your school, community center, or church.
  6. Experiment with different marketing and advertising strategies.
  7. Display real-time emergency messages.
  8. Post calendars and schedules for your community and consumers.
  9. Be visually consistent in your marketing efforts.
  10. Easily communicate price changes, sold-out items, and new policies.

Find the Right Digital Signage for Your Business

Ready to take your business signage into the digital age? You’ll be amazed at how one product can make a huge impact on your day-to-day business operations. Digital signage lets you do all of the above and more without really having to put in any effort at all! Learn more about the different types of digital electronic signs and how they can help you improve your business below. Contact us if you have any questions about your sign options.


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