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Effective Ways to Use Digital Signage for Your Church

How to Use Digital Signage at Your Church or Place of Worship

Though seen most frequently in front of (or inside) for-profit businesses, digital signage can be extremely useful for churches and other places of worship. At its simplest, digital signage is a marketing and advertising tool—a way to communicate your message to an audience. When it comes to communication, most churches have two basic audiences: members of their congregation and members of their community.

Learn how you can effectively reach either—or both—of these audiences through your church’s digital signage.

Use Indoor Digital Signage to Communicate with Your Congregation

As a church, you are tasked with communicating with and reaching out to those who attend your services or events. While a lot of this is done through spoken communication or written documents, you can utilize digital signage to help supplement your message. When used within your building, your digital signage is helpful for a variety of uses.

For example, a larger digital sign could be used within your main auditorium during each service. You can display the most important points from your message, relevant images, video clips, and more to supplement what you’re saying.

You could also utilize digital signage within your lobby area or other rooms to help you communicate reminders and important messages to your congregation. Ideas for your signage may include announcements about upcoming events, reminders about holiday services, inspirational quotes or verses, and more.

Use Outdoor Digital Signage to Reach Members of Your Community

In addition to communicating with your congregation, you may be looking for new and creative ways to reach members of your community as they drive or walk by your church. Outdoor digital signage can help you do just that. Large, bright, and eye-catching, outdoor digital signs can help you capture the attention of anyone passing by your building.

Through your digital signage, you can send a variety of different messages, changing up your content as you see fit. Depending on the type of digital signage you choose, you can display content, graphics, animations, and even high-definition video in some cases. Use these different formats to announce service times, tell your community who you are and what you stand for, and so much more.

Digital signage allows you to make a big visual impact without being overly pushy. You’ll be sure to catch the attention of those passing by, and many of these people should be interested enough to stop in and check out your community.

Types of Digital Signage

Digital signage doesn’t come in just a one-size-fits-all-option. There are a variety of different choices to help you communicate your message in the most effective way possible. For example, you can choose from indoor and outdoor options in a variety of different sizes—ranging from tabletop size to billboard size. Digital signage is also available in monochrome, tri-color, full-color, and double-sided versions.

For more details on each type of sign, click below. Our sign representatives would be happy to work with you to help you choose the right kind of signage for your goals.


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