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8 Display Ideas for Your Digital Signage

What to Display on Your Digital Signage

Available for indoor or outdoor use, digital signage is one of the best marketing and advertising tools you can invest in for your business. Thanks to bright, long-lasting LED displays, you have the freedom to display different messages or graphics whenever you’d like.

Digital signage can be used in so many different ways, but because of its versatility, it can be hard to narrow down how exactly you want to use it. In other words, too much of a good thing can leave you unable to make a decision.

That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve chosen 8 of our favorite uses for digital signage to help you choose how to use yours in the most impactful way! Some of these can be used for tri-color or monochrome signs, while others require a full-color LED display.

1. Use your digital signage to advertise specials and promotions.

Regardless of your industry, using your digital signage to advertise specials or promotions is one of the most foolproof uses. If you want to draw more consumers into your establishment, advertise your current specials on your outdoor digital signage. If you want to draw those already in your establishment toward a particular area or item, use your indoor digital signage for that.

2. Highlight products or services with high-definition videos.

Many consumers respond better to visual advertisements than text communications. If you want to increase sales of a particular item, use your full-color digital signage to display a short video or slideshow about the product. This works especially well for food!

3. Showcase before-and-after photos of your services.

Do you offer a service to your consumers and want to increase confidence in your work? Whether you’re a dentist, a hair stylist, or an auto body shop, you can use your digital signage to display some of your best work. This works well for indoor and outdoor signs.

4. Communicate timely messages to your consumers.

Do you want to easily communicate price changes or new policies to your consumers? You can use your digital signage to communicate timely messages throughout the day to anyone passing by your establishment.

5. Use your digital signage as menu boards.

This trend is becoming increasingly popular as a way to make your business more eco-friendly. By displaying your menu on digital signage—especially if it changes daily—you’ll avoid printing and wasting paper every day.  

6. Easily announce upcoming events.

Schools, community centers, places of worship, restaurants, and more can all utilize their digital signage to announce details regarding upcoming events to their consumers.

7. Highlight achievements or awards.

Want to recognize your students, teachers, staff members, or customers for a job well done? Use your digital signage to highlight notable achievements or awards.

8. Display feel-good messages to your consumers.

You don’t always have to advertise directly to your consumers. Instead, you can help improve the opinion around your brand by displaying jokes, trivia, inspirational quotes, and the like on your digital signage.


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