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50 Ways to Use Your Digital Signage

Creative Ways to Use Your Digital Signage in Any Industry

Digital signage has been popularized over the past few decades and is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing and advertising tools today. Available in a variety of sizes for outdoor signs or indoor signs, these signs can help you reach new consumers and existing ones–depending on how they’re used.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to use your existing signage or you’re debating the value of digital signage, we’re here to help. Here are 50 effective ways to use digital signage to help you achieve your business goals.

Using Digital Signage for Your Restaurant

  1. Advertise your happy hour specials.
  2. Use your indoor signs as eco-friendly menu boards.
  3. Display your new hours to the public.
  4. Promote events, like karaoke night or kids’ night.
  5. Showcase new menu items with high-definition pictures or video.
  6. Let your community know you’re open for business.
  7. Tell the public that you’re hiring and for what positions.
  8. Send holiday messages to your community.
  9. Advertise a catering service or take-out ordering.
  10. Show your support for local schools or teams.

Using Digital Signage for Your Hair or Nail Salon

  1. Advertise your different services to the public.
  2. Feature salon specials or promotions.
  3. Use indoor digital signage to display your prices and services.
  4. Highlight some of your best work with a picture slideshow.
  5. Thank your customers for their continued business and support.
  6. Display your salon hours on an indoor or outdoor sign.
  7. Set your business apart from others nearby.
  8. Give hair or nail care tips to your community.
  9. Promote lesser-known or newly-added services.
  10. Stand out during prom or wedding season.

Using Digital Signage for Your School

  1. Display the date, time, weather, or other helpful information.
  2. Communicate school closures or late-start days.
  3. Highlight student or faculty achievements.
  4. Post sports scores and updates.
  5. Announce upcoming events and fundraisers.
  6. Display calendars and schedules for the upcoming week.
  7. Send thoughtful messages for holidays and special occasions.
  8. Increase your school spirit through short messages.
  9. Communicate announcements in a timely manner.
  10. Post real-time emergency messages.

Using Digital Signage for Your Place of Worship

  1. Post verses or uplifting messages on your sign.
  2. Display service times or event dates.
  3. Communicate time changes or closures if necessary.
  4. Send thoughtful messages on holidays.
  5. Let your community know who you are and what you believe.
  6. Announce details of upcoming events.
  7. Supplement your message with text presentations.
  8. Play video clips or slideshows with relevant information.
  9. Give your church or place of worship a more modern feel.
  10. Provide answers to any frequently-asked questions.

Using Digital Signage for Your Car Wash, Dealership, or Shop

  1. Capture the attention of cars with an animation or video.
  2. Advertise a new service, like detailing or hand-washes.
  3. Promote a sale on new or used cars.
  4. Display prices for specific services.
  5. Communicate daily specials or limited-time offerings.
  6. Increase customer satisfaction in a waiting area.
  7. Increase your brand recognition in your community.
  8. Thank your customers for their business.
  9. Provide answers to commonly-asked questions.
  10. Give your business a more modern feel.  


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