Choose a Reliable Sign Company to Help Your Small Business Grow

Choosing A Sign Company To Help Your Small Business

Getting the word out about your company is one of the best ways to not only increase the amount of foot traffic you see on a regular basis, but also increase sales (or the equivalent in your industry). By providing a high level of service, you’ll ensure that good word of mouth gets around, which is the first step towards customer loyalty. However, your efforts need to go beyond what’s happening at your location. Promoting your business with a new sign has proven to be on of the most efficient methods available.

Finding A Reliable Sign Company

However, not two signs are the same, and no two sign companies are the same. This is why choosing the right sign company for your business is incredibly important towards greater long term success. If you don’t choose the right company, you might be spending money on an inferior product, meaning it will cost you more down the line, especially when it comes to maintenance. Also, if the quality or presentation isn’t right, customers might actually be put off. This is why the sign company you work with should have at least some of, if not all of the following qualities.

Experience In The Industry

One of the most prominent indicators of a quality sign company is the amount of time that they’ve been in business themselves. The sign industry has quite a few variables, and a company with years of experience knows how to work with business owners in a variety of verticals. They know that a lighted sign for a car wash needs to serve a different purpose than one for a restaurant. When working with an experienced sign company, they’ll know what questions to ask and what types of examples to present to get you the best available solution for your company.

Can Product a Variety of Signs

Along those same lines, there are actually quite a few different signs available. At the most basic level, you can invest in a polycarbonate plastic sign that, even when outdoors, will last for years. A step above that might be a lighted sign, which, especially at night, will stand out from the crowd as you try to draw in more customers. You can also use an LED sign, which can convey different information depending on the day or what you program into it. This gives you a high level of flexibility as a business owner.

Understanding the Impact Of A Good Sign Company

As one of the most prominent sign companies around, Signtronix has put a lot of effort into not only developing high quality signs, but researching the impact of those signs. Firstly, clients we work with report a 200% increase in business in the first month after their new sign is installed. That’s near immediate return on investment. Not only that, but within the first year, clients experience an increase in revenue up to 400%. Now, when looking at which sign company you want to work with, make sure they’re experienced, they can make any sign you have in mind, and they understand just how impactful a sign can be for your company.


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