Hiring a Sign Company Can Help Your Business Grow

How Does A Sign Company Help Grow Your Business?

If you’re a small business owner, then one of the most important things you need to focus on is how you’ll achieve sustained growth over the first few years of existence. This is generally the make or break period for any small business, regardless of the industry. Without an influx of revenue, you’ll become stagnant, which can ultimately hurt your chances of success. If you haven’t already looked into it, you should really consider working with an experienced sign company that knows the value of proper signage for any growing small business.

Understanding The Different Ways A Sign Company Can Have An Impact On Your Business

Most people don’t realize just how wide reaching a single sign can be, and how many ways it can impact your small business. If you partner with the right company, they’ll be able to offer a number of services, from the initial conception and design of your sign through any necessary installation. Below are just some of the ways that any business owner can benefit from working with a sign company

Know If It’s Time For An Upgrade

First thing’s first, and that’s evaluating your current signage situation. You can either do this on your own, or with the aid of a consultant. If you don’t have signage, or it’s old and worn down, your options are pretty clear. However, you should know of  indicators that point towards a consideration for new signage. For example, if you’ve recently rebranded your business, then a new sign is likely in order. Whether it’s a new name, a new logo, or both, a new sign is a great way to announce this change to customers. Also, if you’ve recently acquired a new business, signage is another way to signify new ownership other than a generic sign that says “Under New Management”.

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

Another surprising benefit of working with a sign company is that there are financing options available which can actually impact your taxes! Most sign companies are aware that, as a small business, you don’t always have all the necessary capital to make every purchase up front. With flexible payment plans, you can actually deduct your monthly payment as an operating expense. By doing this and essentially leasing a sign, it can help you avoid what’s known as the “Alternative Minimum Tax”, and in turn reducing your liability.

Get Ready For a Big Bump in Business

Lastly, and probably most importantly to your as an owner, a sign company can have a huge effect on how much business you’re doing. For example, nearly 70% of consumers said that a business’ signage actually reflects the quality of available products and services. Think about that for a moment. 7 out of every 10 people will judge a business solely on the sign that sits outside of it. If the signage you currently have isn’t up to standard, then you are potentially losing the vast majority of consumers with a mere glance. From a purchasing standpoint, studies also show that nearly approximately 50% of unplanned purchases happen because indoor signage pushes consumers to the point of purchase.

Choosing a Sign Company You Can Count On

If you’re convinced that you need new signage for your growing company, then the next step is finding the right sign company to work with. At Signtronix, we have over 50 years of experience in the sign industry, and have worked with owners from all walks of life. If you’re ready to find out what a sign company can do for your business, then contact us to learn more.


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