Digital Signage has Many Uses for Businesses

Different Ways To Use Digital Signage

Increase Your Profits With Different Ways To Use Digital Signage

Every business in every industry can benefit from using digital signage. The variety of sizes, color options, and graphic displays make digital signage a necessity for any business looking to grow and expand. Not only are there a number of purchasing options, but there are a variety of different ways to use digital signage. If you’re skeptical, we’ve created a list of different ways to use digital signage in a few  industries.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are a great example of an industry that can benefit from the different ways to use digital signage. Using digital signs to show park hours might seem obvious, but you can also use them to show what rides are closed that day. Our favorite use of digital signs in amusement parks is to show wait times. Digital signs are easily and quickly updateable so you can give park guests accurate wait times, keeping them happy.

Amusement parks can also use digital signage to create revenue. Since signs can be used indoor and outdoor, full-color LED screens can display ads for other companies looking to advertise within the park or even ads for products you can only find within the park. When you’re at Disneyland you see a ton of ads, but only for Disney products. This increases impulse buys as you remind people of what they want before they leave.

Clothing Stores

Clothing stores have a variety of needs that can be accommodated with digital signage. The most obvious use would be to promote sales and new arrivals. The moving text and bright visuals can attract people on the street and bring them into your store.

However there are a number of different ways to use digital signage. They can be used to display open dressing rooms or even help you find certain departments in large stores. If there is a second floor, your digital sign can display what is located on the two different stories. If you have a full-color LED display you can also play your latest commercial or ad campaign.

Grocery Stores

If you’ve ever been to a grocery store and bought chicken breasts only to find out that steaks were on sale, you know that grocery stores can benefit from digital signage. Digital signage would allow grocery stores to promote specials and sales that would encourage people to buy more. However grocery stores could also use digital signage to show estimated wait time at the bakery and deli. They could even display the number they are serving next instead of yelling.

Perhaps the most useful way grocery stores could use digital signage would be in cross advertising. Cross advertising encourages impulse buys on related products. If you advertise a sale on jelly next to the peanut butter, many customers will buy more jelly because it is cheaper than usual.

The Different Ways to Use Digital Signage Can Help Your Business Grow

Signs can be used in every industry. With so many different ways to use digital signage it would be unwise not to. Outdoor signs can help attract new customers and expand your client base and indoor signs can compel impulse buying and increase revenue. With over fifty years of experience, the benefits of our signs have been seen time and time again.


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