5-24 A Restaurant's Digital Signage

How to Use Digital Signage for Your Restaurant

Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage

More and more, digital signage is being used by restaurants to increase customer service and improve the dining experience.  Whether you’re restaurant is in need of attention-grabbing outdoor signs or more aesthetically-pleasing indoor signs, the right digital signage can bring in more customers and increase sales.

Your restaurant’s digital signage can provide your diners with fun and informative content that will enhance the dining experience. Patrons will be wowed by the modern feel and find that the signage gives them valuable information about your business.

Showcase Your Specials

No matter how tasty your specials of the day might sound, customers can be hesitant to order something that they or someone they’ve dined with haven’t ordered before. Digital signage gives you the ability to showcase your specials with photos so that customers are drawn to order those items. You can easily display an image, name of the dish, and the price. With the technology of an LED sign, you can change the sign as often as you change your specials, allowing you to run daily promotions.

Display Your Menu

Many restaurants, especially bars and quick-serve eateries, make use of digital signage to display their menu. Not only does it make it easier for customers to view the menu as they wait, but you can update it as often as you need, which is extremely useful for restaurants with changing menu items. You won’t have to worry about printing new menus all the time with a digital menu.

Promote Your Social Media Pages

You can create a fun and interactive environment with digital signage. By encouraging your patrons to share photos of their meals on your social channels, you increase the reach of your marketing. This is a great strategy for restaurants and bars with photo-worthy food, drinks, and experiences.

Bring Attention to All of Your Services

Do you cater? Do you offer take out or delivery? Do you rent your space for private events? While your day-to-day business operations may be a standard dining experience, you want to make sure your customers are aware of all the different ways they can enjoy your food and drinks. Digital signage allows you to promote your additional services throughout the space so that your diners are fully aware of all your great offerings.

Attract New Customers

Displaying eye-catching digital signage in front of your establishment will attract more customers. It is the most cost-effective way to make a lasting impression that makes it easy for passerbyers to notice your business and recall your restaurant on a night they’d like to dine out. Digital signs are viewable 24/7, so drivers won’t miss your restaurant when they’re out at night.

Demonstrate How Your Food and Drink Are Made

Digital signage gives you the capability of using high-definition video on your signs. You can create engaging video content, showcasing how you prepare your signature dish or drink. Use the video as an opportunity to show diners what makes your restaurant stand out from the rest, whether it’s your unique cooking technique, fun atmosphere, or enjoyable customer experience.


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