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Ways to Use Digital Signage for Your Chiropractic Office

Your Chiropractic Office and Digital Signage

One of the most effective modern forms of marketing and advertising today is the digital electronic sign. Used by all types of businesses across the country, digital signage can help you communicate personalized messages to your community at any time. As a chiropractor, your community includes people who pass by your office on a regular basis and your existing patients.

Learn how you can effectively reach either—or both—of these groups by using your digital signage creatively.

Use Indoor Digital Signage to Provide a Better Experience for Your Patients

Let’s face it: no one enjoys sitting in a waiting room. It’s often one of those places where one minute seems like ten, and boredom kicks in almost instantaneously. But your waiting room doesn’t have to inspire that kind of a vibe with a little effort. Through indoor digital signage, you can turn your waiting room into a more enjoyable place to sit and pass the time.

In recent years, signs have evolved in their capabilities and appearances. Advanced digital signage lets you display not only text, but high-definition images and full-motion videos. Though signage is often used to advertise or promote, you can use it to entertain and inspire. It’s up to you what you think will work best for your office, but some ideas for your display include:

  • Trivia questions or fun facts to lighten the mood
  • Inspirational or motivational quotes to appeal to patients’ emotions
  • Helpful and informative tips and tricks to provide value to your patients
  • Before and after features to evoke confidence in your services

Use Outdoor Digital Signage to Reach People Passing by Your Office

While creating a better experience for your existing patients is a great goal, you may also want to drive more traffic through your doors as well. Outdoor digital signage can help you appeal to consumers walking or driving by your office. Bright, large, vibrant outdoor digital signs can help you catch the attention of anyone who passes by your office.

Outdoor digital signage is just as versatile as the indoor versions, allowing you to change up your content and messages as you see fit. Depending on the type of sign you choose, you can program your display to show text, graphics, animations, or video  to appeal to your community. Different ways to use your signage include:

  • Listing your office hours and schedule
  • Offering advice to lessen back or neck pain
  • Sending friendly messages to your community
  • Highlighting the benefits of chiropractic care

An Overview of the Types of Digital Signage

Before you order digital signage for your chiropractic office, you’ll want to define your goals for the future. Determine exactly what you hope to accomplish with your new signage. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of options—indoor, outdoor, full color, monochrome, and more—in a wide selection of sizes to help you achieve those goals.

To learn more about each of the different types of digital signage, click below. We would be happy to help you determine the ideal kind of signage to support your business goals.


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