Upclose View of an LED Sign

Best Uses for LED Signs

Make Your Everyday Pop

LED Signs are the bright, shining beacon of our everyday lives. We don’t think about them until we have to try to find them when we’re looking for a place that we’ve never been, but they’re actually more important than we realize. LED signs make advertising easy and more engaging than traditional plastic or printed signs, and LED signs have the ability to get and retain attention better than traditional signs, as well. Think of how helpful LED signs are for the situations that use them most often, and the situations that could use more pizazz getting their message out to the public.


Most of us end up attending the school that we are zoned for, based mostly upon where we live. For those of us that attended privately-funded schools, it is possible that sometimes, the school could have, or did, lower tuition, sponsor open houses, or offer the opportunity for parents to meet and speak with teachers and administrators. If this was ever the case, an LED Sign was probably used, and if not, should have been. An LED sign is an excellent way to communicate a temporary message, like advertising an event, and a bright way of getting the public’s attention for reduction of tuition. LEDs could also be used simply to inform parents that their child is invited to participate in an ice cream social.

Small Businesses

Many things are important to the growth and success of a small business, but few things are more essential than attractive and effective signage. Without it, a business is not only difficult to find, but difficult to remember for those who aren’t seeking the business’ specific offerings. Adding an LED sign could be the difference between a small business succeeding, and that same business being passed by.


If you’re a franchise owner, you’re likely not the only one in the area. If this is the case, your fellow franchise owner is a competitor, whether or not they are the same brand that you are. Competition matters between different clothing brands and sporting goods stores as much as it matters between different locations of the same brand of car care stores. Effective signage will help set you apart from your competitors, and make you more recognizable to locals.


With so many churches having several services every Sunday, and a variety of events during the week, it seems given that churches would be the biggest beneficiaries of LED signs. Because of the customizable nature of LEDs, when events change week to week, it is easy for anyone to simply type in the changes. Whether you need to remind everyone to come to Wednesday night Bible Study, that the 11:30 service has been moved back to 11, or that you’re welcoming brand-new members, an LED is  the best way to save on the time and effort that it would normally take to spell out a church message, letter by letter, on a plastic backdrop. Make the upgrade to save on valuable resources.

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