Simple Antique sign makes great affect for business

When Simple Signs are Better

Signs are Fun, but Fun Signs aren’t Always Needed

We live in a fast-paced, digital world of big names, and immediate results. But even in this new reality, there are instances where life slows down, you have a chance to breathe, and you get to enjoy yourself. For moments when time is on your side, signs on traditional panels make good options for businesses and public-use places. You couldn’t imagine running trails adorned with loud, neon lights, so why would they work at the beach?


Few places successfully invite everyday people to enjoy the beauty of nature like parks. Parks are officially-sanctioned pieces of land of varying size for the purpose of recreation. Some parks have picnic tables, small shelters, barbecue grills, and rest rooms. Well-funded parks have baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and swimming pools. More and more can be available, depending on how much money is available in your area. What won’t happen, no matter the state of the funding, is an outrageous sign at the entrance to the park. Parks almost always have plain signage, signage that shows the name of the park, the address, and the public officials directly responsible for opening the park. With this info, you’ve got a reliable park sign, and a great way to get people outdoors.


When you stash lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and apes in to a compound, people are likely to notice. Zoos have rarely, if ever, needed signs beyond the ones that state the name, and the prices for admission. Once you’re inside, signs will direct you to the snack bar, and the different types of animals, but none will light up, or flash. This is a great way for zoos to save money while protecting sensitive wildlife, and still making a great experience for everyone.

Fine Restaurants

With a few exceptions, signs that are not panel or metal outside of fine dining establishments are generally frowned upon. Elegance and neon are rarely compatible, and elegant dining experiences will always vote for subtle themes in all aspects – lighting, decor, and signage. While this can make a restaurant challenging to find during the evening hours, it also doesn’t stop their target clientele from visiting.


Not every community has official lines marked on a map, or a name, but for those that do, signs help prospective community members, friends, and family get in, and find whom they are seeking. While some feel that naming groups of homes in residential areas represents a level of pomp, others see it as a way to express and maintain solidarity with neighbors. Neighborhoods with names always have warm, friendly signs with traditional backdrops.

Community Centers

Community centers serve different purposes in different neighborhoods. Some are religious centers, separate from churches and temples. Some are simply equipped for children to stay after school and before their parents come home. Whatever its function, community centers benefit from simple signage because they fulfill a daily need in the community. All you need to know is where it is.

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