Create Signs with Eye Catching Colors to Promote Your Business

The Complex Relationship Between Signs and Colors

Using Signs and Colors To Promote Business Growth

Different colors have the ability to affect or emotions and actions without us even realizing it. These hidden messages can be used as powerful branding tools that can attract people to your business and help them trust your brand. Further showing the power of color, studies have proven that the same ads are 42% more likely to be read in color than in black and white. Colors are important, so when you’re creating your business signs, keep their emotional associations in mind.

Colors Emotion Associations

If you’re a hospital looking to create your brand you’ll probably want to use white or blue in your logo. These colors represent truth, sincerity, health, and wellness and would create positive image for your brand. You would also probably want to avoid using the color black since this dark color is often associated with death and ill-fortune. Even if patients don’t consciously think of this association, subconsciously they might feel uneasy. For this reason, it’s important to use color psychology to create the best business for your sign.


Red is visually drawing and used in logos to attract attention. It’s also associated with excitement and action. Logos like Red Bull use the color red to resemble the energy within their product.


Orange is used to create a feeling of playfulness, youthfulness and creativity. Nickelodeon’s logo is predominantly orange and their channel promotes lighthearted, fun programming for kids.


A bright color, yellow draws attentions and creates a warm, cheery sensation. McDonald’s golden arches feature the color yellow to make you feel happy even before you sit down with your “happy meal.”


Green is associated with life and renewal. The Animal Planet logo uses varying shades of green to show their environmental focus and nature programming.


The most popular logo color, blue creates feelings of authority and security. Government agencies and medical companies often feature blue to show sincerity and success. The IBM logo features the color blue to create a feeling of trust in their technology and consulting.


Originally purple was the color of royalty as the dye was reserved for nobility in ancient time. Those associations have carried over as it is now associated with fantasy and luxury. Hallmark’s logo features a purple crown and relies on these associations to show the quality and creativity of their cards.


Black is associated with power, sophistication, and mystery. James Bond’s 007 logo uses the color black to imply mystery and boldness. Without even seeing the movie you’d be able to understand James Bond’s trademark class and the tradition of his agency.

Using Signs And Colors To Successfully Advertise Your Business

Colors are the most powerful form of nonverbal communication and their associations run deep. However, these associations can be contradictory. While we listed positive associations for each color, they can also be negative. While red can illicit feelings of excitement it can also elicit feelings of anger. While blue can create feelings of success it can also be associated with sadness. Even within the same community the same color can be understood different ways, making it even more important to understand the color implications of your signs.

Whether indoor or outdoor, colors play an important part in the design of your sign. Our decades of experience have been proven to help business grow and expand their customer base. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got plenty of testimonials to back it up. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve even conducted case studies to prove we can help your business.


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