This Business Owner Knows the Effectiveness of Signs for a Business

Surprising Facts About The Effectiveness of Signs

Statistics that Prove that Signs are a Worthwhile Investment

In the digital age, you’ve probably purchased a product because of an ad you saw on the TV or online at some point. Because we’re so used to those methods of advertising, business owners often overlook the simplest, least-expensive, and largely successful strategy of using signs. For brick and mortar businesses, no other form of advertising can positively improve business in the way that visually appealing, bright signs can.

Signs are the face of the business. They help you establish a presence in your community, reflect the quality of your products and services, and most importantly, grab the attention of potential customers at the best possible time—when they’re right in front of your store. As the oldest form of advertising, signs have ample research and studies on them proving their effectiveness. See why your business should display well-designed signs.

About 75% of consumers stated they had told others about a business solely because of its signage.

A eye-catching sign that is memorable will make people talk about your business. This statistic proves that signage can be just as important as the products and services you offer. People hadn’t even visited the business, but the colorful and noticeable signage made them tell their friends about it.

More than 50% of consumers say that poor signage deters them from going into a business, and 60% indicated that a lack of signage does the same.

Don’t miss out on potential customers because your storefront isn’t welcoming. Create an entrance that makes people want to stop in by using signs. They can transform your establishment by communicating to customers you’re professional and open for business.

83% of business owners that purchased LED signs noticed an increase in sales

Digital signage is visually appealing. When your business is competing against other signs on the street, a digital sign will make sure you stand out. It also allows you to create advertising campaigns that can change as often as you’d like, giving you the ability to largely influence to make impulse stops at your business daily.

LED Signs used in stores encourages shoppers to spend up to 30% more time browsing, increasing the chances that they’ll purchase more.

Display digital signs throughout your establishment to highlight featured products or products on sale. You can also do this if you’re in the service industry, showcasing specials, promotions, and premium services. Customers will be enticed to browse longer with electronic signs.

About 67% of the consumers say they’ve purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye

Capture the attention of passersby with a window display that invites people into the store. You can use a plastic-lighted indoor sign to give your storefront a welcoming look or digital signage to promote sales. Either way, more people will stop in if they notice your business.

65% of businesses that made a significant change to it signage reported an increase in revenue

The right signage can make all of the difference. New signs will make your business stand out, showcase it in the best light, and grab the attention of as many potential customers as possible.


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