Types of Advertising: Signs vs. Television Commercials

Comparing the Advertising Benefits of Signs and TV Commercials

It doesn’t matter how long your business has been around or what industry you’re in—you’re probably employing some form of advertising on a regular basis. Types of advertising range from word-of-mouth, to print advertising, to online advertising, to television commercials, to radio ads, to custom signs, and more. While each form of advertising has its benefits and disadvantages, we’re going to stick with two of the most popular forms for the purpose of this comparison. Whether you pay attention to them or not, television commercials and custom signs are two types of advertising that you likely encounter on a daily basis. Here’s a brief look into how these two compare when it comes to getting the word out about your business.

Advertising Through TV Commercials

For the past 75 years, we’ve been exposed to television commercials for all types of businesses, products, and services while watching TV. And for a long time, these were extremely effective at getting us to buy what was being sold to us. TV commercials let brands depict their products or services in the best light—appealing to us through humor, playing to our senses of urgency, or utilizing other sentiments. While the statements above still apply today, these advertisements aren’t reaching as many as they did even a decade ago. This is because many people are getting rid of cable in favor of streaming services, using their DVRs so they can skip through commercials later, or just not paying attention. Additionally, producing a TV commercial can require pretty hefty financial investment. You’re not only paying for the cost of the TV spot, but you could be paying for a camera crew, actors, writers, directors, producers, costume designers, and so much more.

Advertising Through Custom Signs

Interestingly enough, signs have been around for much longer than TV advertising—dating back thousands of years—and they’ll be here for years to come. Both outdoor signs and indoor signs offer timeless forms of advertising to business of all types. Unless we all learn to fly or teleport in the future, consumers are going to be driving or walking by your establishment on a regular basis. When they do, it’s your sign that’s going to capture their attention and invite them to stop by. With the right sign, you’ll be able to put yourself in front of your ideal customer and increase your business without even trying. When compared to TV advertising, the financial and time investments are also typically much less. Instead of developing new commercials and repeatedly paying for TV spots, a custom sign only requires a one-time investment. You’re only paying for the sign once and only investing your time into designing it one time—and then you’ll get to watch it go to work for you every day!

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