5-20 Swirls of Color Options to Use On Your Business Signs

How to Use Color to Improve Your Signs

Find the Right Color for Your Signs

Every business owner that is taking the time and money to invest in a sign should also spend time designing an effective advertisement. One of the seemingly simple concepts of design that often gets overlooked is color. Colors influence mood and people’s mind subconsciously associate color with certain ideas. A common example of this is the use of the color green by health-food stores. People subconsciously associate the color green with earth and health. It’s crucial for businesses to choose the right colors to properly deliver the message of the brand.

Here is a list of how color is used to convey the essence of a company so you can choose the right colors for your signs.


This vibrant color represents passion, speed, strength, and exhilaration. Red is the most eye-catching color. It is commonly used among companies that suggest their product or services are fast and fun, like fast-food restaurants and Netflix. A deep red holds more of of the passionate and sultry dynamic of the color, so it is also used by luxury products, which you can see in Audi’s logo.


Orange best resembles pleasure, energy, joy, and friendship. The popular motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson, uses this color to associate their bikes with those qualities. When you see one of their outdoor signs, you can sense that their products give consumers a sense of excitement.


This bright color invokes happiness, warmth, intelligence, and attention. You can use this color to captivate an audience, such as the way McDonald’s does with their golden arches, or you can use it to appeal to highly-educated consumers, like how National Geographic does. Using yellow on your signs will grab attention.


As mentioned earlier, the color green is often associated with health, growth, and peacefulness. It’s correlation to nature adds has a tranquil effect. Whole Foods uses a bold green on their signs to emphasize the health message of the brand.


The majority of people state blue is their favorite color, and it the most preferred color among men. It represents authority, trust, and strength. Facebook’s easily recognizable logo represents the authoritative position they hold within the social media market, as well as the entire Internet. It also showcases their desire to appeal to both men and women.  


Spirituality, creativity, sophistication, and uniqueness are commonly connected to the color purple. FedEx uses purple to convey the message that they are leaders in the industry, and offer distinct products and services from their competitors.


The color black symbolizes mystery and authority. It can also have an extravagant or classic feel. You will often see designer goods, luxury vehicles, and upscale hotels. The use of black provides a sleek and minimalistic approach that allows the name of the brand to speak more than the color. Nike’s black checkmark represents their authority within the sporting industry and associates their products with a superior level of quality and design.

Design Your Signs with A Professional

If you’re looking to purchase outdoor or indoor signs to enhance your business, one of our sign designers can help you pick the right text, graphics, and colors for your signs to make sure they represent your brand. Not only will your signs stand out, but they will also appeal to color psychology, so that they can be effective for your business goals.


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