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Types of Advertising: Signs Vs. Newspaper Ads

Comparing the Advertising Advantages of Signs and Newspaper Ads

Whether your business is brand new or you’ve been around for decades, you need some form of marketing to spread word about your business and reach all of your potential customers. There are dozens of forms of advertising, including online, television, newspaper, magazine, word-of-mouth, custom signs, and many others.

Each type of advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages. For small business owners with a local establishment, they often use newspaper ads to reach their local audience. Running an ad in the local paper is an advertising strategy that has been used for years, but we’re going to compare the benefits of business signs and newspaper ads to see which is truly more beneficial for small business owners.

Advertising with Local Newspapers

Running an ad in a newspaper is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Even years later, a newspaper ad does have some advantages. You can reach a broader audience because you can possibly capture the attention of the entire area. It doesn’t require your potential customer to pass by your establishment to find you.

However, with that being said, there are significant downsides to newspaper ads. First, the amount of people reading a newspaper has drastically dropped since the age of the internet, lessening the reach of the ad. Secondly, an advertisement in a newspaper requires them to recall your business when they need your services or products. Because they are not right in front of your business when they need it, they may not ever go out of their way to stop in. You also pay an ad fee for one paper but then that investment disappears within hours.

Although you may see some new customers coming in because of an newspaper ad, the likelihood of that happening now as compared with years ago is significantly lower.

Advertising with Signs

Signs have been around for just as long, if not longer than newspapers. However, unlike newspapers, signs have increased in effectiveness and their advantages have grown.

First and foremost, signs are an investment in advertising that lasts years, and even decades. Your advertisement will be seen by countless customers day after day. That means your return on investment is quick and substantial. Another benefit of advertising with a sign is that it fosters impulse stops. Unlike a newspaper where you would have to remember the ad in a moment of need, passerbyers can see the sign for your business and be influenced to stop because of a want you’ve created or a need you fulfill in that moment. A colorful sign will also make a lasting impression, so even if they don’t choose to stop that day, they will be better able to recall your business in the future.  

Signage also heavily increases a person’s decisions to enter a business. About 60% of consumers don’t shop somewhere if the business doesn’t have outdoor signs or their signs are outdated, broken, or unattractive. A sign allows you to showcase your business in the best light, which will increase the appearance and reputation of your brand.

Advertise with Custom Signs

Signtronix can help you create effective advertising that attracts potential customers to your store and encourages them to make a purchase at your business. Contact us to get a free consultation and sign design when you’re ready to get started.


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