Signtronix Proud to be Part of the Century Club

We recently found out we were made a member of the Signage Foundation’s Century Club. The Century Club was formed to recognize and honor the first 100 donors to the Signage Foundation.  Century Club members play a leading role in helping the Signage Foundation:

  • Identify and fund valuable academic research.
  • Support industry internships for college and university planning students.
  • Conduct national educational forums such as the National Signage Research & Education Conference (NSREC)
  • Work with more than 200 colleges and universities to impact curriculum for business, marketing, engineering, architecture, design, art, advertising, and planning students.

We were one of the first companies to see the incredible value of the Signage Foundation years ago.  All of the research that has been conducted by or because of the Signage Foundation is a direct help to the small businesses across the country.  Too many times in our 50+ years we’ve seen towns and cities create restrictive sign codes without truly understanding the negative impacts these codes would create for not only the small businesses within their city limits, but the community itself.

Here is a quick description of the Signage Foundation in their own words:

Through research and education, the Signage Foundation, Inc. analyzes and communicates thesocietal benefits of on-premise signageThe Signage Foundation, Inc. (SFI) works to promote signage in the societal sense, educating the public about its social, economic and aesthetic value to the at-large society, emphasizing to users how to maximize their communication effectiveness. The Foundation focuses on bringing education to sign users and to those who interact with sign users, including advertising agencies, lenders, appraisers, attorneys, regulators, business form franchisers and small businesses.

SFI works to develop the most effective means possible to deliver information on the economic, social and communication value of on-premise signage to the end-using public and those who regulate it.

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